☑️ Host Java Web Applications on Internet - 01 Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain

️ Host Java Web Applications on Internet – 01 Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain

Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain!

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13 thoughts on “️ Host Java Web Applications on Internet – 01 Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain

  1. Hello Guys, I have remade this course, with the Latest GoDaddy VPS with better sound quality, explanation and also some people included me were facing some issues while configuring Apache Web Server with Tomcat Server, maybe because WHM cPanel got updated with Easyapache 4, which led to the broke in the process which was followed in my older videos! Hopefully, everything will work now for all! 🙂 Here is the playlist link for that https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5WPb1PlL9BT9_ugd5vkVEeQfMaoDD-qf

  2. hello, I have a VPS hosting server in godaddy, but I can't find any cpanel tab. so what to do? please help me.

  3. Hi, My tomcat server is customized with lot of jars….and war is also deployed in that….please tell me how can I run sh start.sh to start the tomcat in cPanel

  4. Hello Sir,
    I would like to host my website which is made of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, php and may be in future I will use MySQL. So which hosting plan will I take from which service provider….

    I subscribed your channel liked your video.

    Thanks & Regards,

  5. hey please help me. i hosted my java web application on server but my database is not connecting it's working on local server please reply soon

  6. This is nicely design tutorials,

    I would like to know ,how you will get your IP Address. Because there is no description on that, Can you guide me?

    Dev NSR

  7. What if our we have embedded servers like jetty or tomcat in our code. Which is the best way to host in that case ?

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