22 thoughts on “0101 – How to set up Git on a Godaddy shared hosting account

  1. Your tutorial good but I really don't like your drupal fever logo. It's off putting. Last thing I want to subscribe to is a youtube channel sends me update of a ill looking drupal. Fever can also mean "love it" too i.e movie "Dance Fever!". It wasn't movie about lots ill looking dancers. Keep up the great tutorials but change the branding please

  2. Thank you so much man, With the help of this tutorial i have successfully installed GIT on my GoDaddy Shared Account 🙂 Yuppppppppy happy Sharing …

  3. I did so many things related to that config issue, I believe the ultimate fix was for me to recompile the source and upload it again. That fixed the config issue, but I still couldn't use it for a "git clone" (see below).

  4. I'm quite sure this upcoming tutorial will be excellent as all of the others have been. I'm anxiously awaiting it myself.

  5. Yes, I ran into some issue and I had to give up finally. I had the project on the hosting account and tried to clone it to my laptop. I was trying to use ssh as the transport protocol with a git clone. It would proceed about 10 mins (It was a big project), then abort. If you say that H T T P is the only protocol that would work, well I never thought of that. I assumed if ssh "started" (which it did), then logically it would conclude. It seemed to have to do with the size of my project?

  6. So does this mean that you can install all kinds of stuff without having root access? You are very cleaver 🙂 Where did you learn this?

  7. Yes, I kind of know what the problem is. When I made this little tutorial, I didn't expect that so many people would have problems using Git on this configuration. I am putting together a tutorial that will give the first steps on how to take advantage of Git on a Shared Hosting Account.

    There is one important thing to note here! Godaddy DOES NOT allow outbound connection via ssh. You will have to Git Clone through a regular H T T P protocol.

  8. I have already put together all the information to make a future video that will explain how to setup putty with ssh authentication to a Shared Hosting Godaddy account on Windows 7. Just subscribe to my channel to be informed of this upcoming tutorial.

  9. How did you setup ssh using rsa key on your go daddy shared hosting account ? I tried all the steps written in a online tutorial. Go daddy customer support said it is not allowed in a shared hosting account. Can you please help ?

  10. After compiling and installing git on the hosting account (godaddy), I find that I cannot use any of the basic functions.
    get init, or git config "all" display an error : fatal: unable to access '/root/etc/getconfig': Permission denied
    The documentation says that a git config –global should create a local ".getconfig" for you to edit, but regardless of the options to git configure I use , the same error occurs.
    In this state it's useless.
    -any ideas?

  11. With regards to how to use GIT on your shared hosting account, I am planning on making a small video that will discuss the subject.

  12. Removing the "-y" option on the previously mentioned line of commands will not fix any problem but might help in troubleshooting it.

    One other option would be to check the Antivirus or Firewall configuration on your host computer.

    Without the specific error message you saw, it would be difficult to help troubleshoot your problem.

  13. I looked at the problem you pointed out and I've noticed a little problem on that line of commands.

    The line starts with "sudo". In fact, this is a completely unnecessary command. We are already logged in as "root"! This mistake was already fixed on the website in case anyone else follows the drupalfever cheat sheet.

    I am not sure, however, that this caused the problem you described since I used the same line of commands and had no problems…

    You could also try removing the "-y" option.

  14. It is almost 3:00 AM and I just noticed your messages.

    I will try to answer them tomorrow.

    Talk to you then…

  15. I fixed the issue and posted the fix on the drupalfever site for others who may need it.
    I also want to know how to make effective use of the git repo on the hosting site.
    I would think the most effective use is to make the hosting site project directory the master and be able to oull down a clone into my leptop for development and oush a tested version back to the master when completed? Can that be done on godaddy?

  16. I followed the procedure in the video everything worked as indicated until,
    # sudo yum -y install gcc gcc-c++ make expat-devel gettext-devel curl-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel bzip2
    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
    loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
    could not retrieve mirrorlist h t tp :// mirrorlist.centos,org?release-5&arch-i386&repo=addons error was
    [Error 4] IOError: urlopen error (110, 'connection timed out')
    Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: addons

  17. When I created this tutorial I was thinking about using Git to access a remote Repo such as GitHub from my Shared Hosting Account.

    Setting up a remote Repo on my Shared Hosting account is little more involving than that.

    I am actually preparing a tutorial on how to setup a Repo on a Dedicated Server but the information could be adapted for a Shared Hosting account.

    Let me look into it!

  18. so how do you push into a repo from your local machine?
    we probably need to edit something like: git config –local –add remote.origin.uploadpack /usr/local/git/bin/git-upload-pack

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