1 of 2: Hosting in Hong Kong through Aliyun.com, Where to Host Your China Website

1 of 2: Hosting in Hong Kong through , Where to Host Your China Website

The fastest way to create a website for China (and/or Chinese customers) is to get set up in Hong Kong. There is no ICP license (Internet Content Provider) required to create a hosting account in Hong Kong, and with a cloud service provider such as Alibaba’s Aliyun you get fast page load speeds for users in China.

If you have a website designed for Chinese customers (users located in mainland China), you may be asking yourself: Should I get hosting in China or hosting in Hong Kong?

I do website design and development for China, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong:
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8 thoughts on “1 of 2: Hosting in Hong Kong through , Where to Host Your China Website

  1. H I want to create a website to teach English and post English videos in China. I currently live in China Jinan. Please advise

  2. i need a help i was bought a domain from aliyun and hosting from namecheap and i change my dsn name but still my Domain not showing online

  3. Nice tutorial! Yet there is one thing, how to access the Vesta panel? I have already installed it on my server. But by the time I typed the address it gave to me, it doesn't work. So do you simply just installed a common version of Vesta and typed in the ip address or do you have your website:8083 and typed in your email address and password? (sorry for my poor english)

  4. Thank you for your video. I am the beginner of build a website, I already bought the domain name from godaddy, then I am try to choosing hosting which I want it can be visit by US and China too. I knew many website won't be able to visit by China mainland. This website for me and my friend (which in China)try to build up our little business together, so is that means I should choose aliyun for hosting is the best way? or that is not really matter? and for the legal stuff which I should be aware of? and if choose aliyun , will that affect U.S.website visitor? last question, can I still using wordpress once I choose the aliyun as my hosting?

  5. Hi, there. I'm totally newbie on web dev, (just learned html & css), not to mention to this Alibaba ECS server set up. I could not get the domain running and having no idea how to put my html & css files up on the server…
    I've checked out your vesta on Ubuntu videos. However, mine is running centos 7.
    Would you mind doing a video how to set up this ECS server from scratch?

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