5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Shared Web Hosting Isn't Really Unlimited

  1. So would it be feasible to run 2 small blogs on Dreamhost unlimited? That would allow me to have to blogs with separate domain names, am I correct?

  2. Another great video Tony. My last "unlimited" account advertised lots of easy-install scripts, such OwnCloud, i.e Softaculous. I installed and tested OC by uploading a 50kb photo. My IP was blacklisted and I couldn't access my sites, except through a VPN (which not everyone would know). I only got de-blacklisted 4 hours later after a long conversation with support where I was berated for breaking the T&Cs. My reply each time was why "why do you supply easy-install for apps that break your T&Cs". I cancelled my unlimited (and expensive managed VPS) services and got a self manage VPS server. Long live the revolution!!!! Charlie

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