$10 Web Hosting Shootout: InMotion vs. Cloudways

$10 Web Hosting Shootout: InMotion vs. Cloudways

Time is money and your website is no exception! So what hosting platform is fastest?

Find out how Cloudways $11 Hosting Plan Stacks Up Against InMotion Hosting’s $9.99 Shared Business Hosting Plan!

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure your website is fast!

Get a Cloudways account here:

Get an InMotion account here:

This is not a sponsored video, but I do encourage you to move your business website to the fastest hosting you can afford.

If you found this video helpful and you’re interested in signing up for new hosting, please use my links as it helps allow me to produce more videos like this.

How Load Time Affects Your Bottom Line by Neil Patel:

6 thoughts on “$10 Web Hosting Shootout: InMotion vs. Cloudways

  1. Wow, that was the best comparison. I changed my sites to cloudways and now I dont want to kill me everytime I have to edit an elementor site jaja. How do you installed mautic in cloudways? Its easy to install wordpress, but its not as clear how to install something like mautic.

  2. Hey great vid! So for cloudways, would you recommend vultr over digital ocean and linode? I'm in the process of deciding between those three. And also, I am curious about Mautic. Do youu have any extra videos about Mautic you can direct me to? Curious if this would be a better option than getresponse

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