10Web and A2 hosting review: analysis of FEATURES and PRICES

10Web and A2 hosting review: analysis of FEATURES and PRICES

In this A2 hosting review we help you to figure out whether your website needs A2 or not. We also suggest a better alternative with our ➡️ 14 day free trial at 10Web ➡️

A2 hosting is famous for its speed, but did you know that you get their famous Site Accelerator tool only with the Turbo package? Our A2 hosting review goes one by one through all their features, telling exactly how well A2 is doing on each of them. Here is what we’ve covered:

0:00 10Web and A2 Hosting review
02:17 ✅Infrastructure
03:12 ✅Speed
04:35 ✅Migration
05:08 ✅Scaling
06:42 ✅Backups
07:01 ✅Pricing
09:57 ✅Security
10:49 ✅3 additional 10Web features

While 10Web has 8 data centers in 4 different continents, A2 has only 4, located in 3 continents. However, as our A2 hosting review has shown, A2 hosting charges you an extra bill for changing your data center. Another big difference in our A2 hosting review is also in scaling. With A2 you have to change manually your shared hosting to a higher one, while with 10Web you don’t need to worry about sudden traffic spikes, and only have to pay 2$ at the end of the month.

And these are only the few of the advantages of 10Web over A2 hosting. In pretty much every aspect we’ve discussed in our A2 hosting review, 10Web has always more to offer! Better backing up system, stronger security, affordable prices and even cool additional features that would come handy in your website building process.

You can try all of these amazing features with a completely free, no credit card required➡️14 day free trial at 10Web ➡️

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