2 thoughts on “1&1 Cloud Server –Interactive invoice


    I was unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime, which left me unable to access my banking and personal details for some time during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    This led to an unpaid fee of £24.

    Consequently IONOS sent a reminder of payment which I didn't receive because I couldn't access my email.

    It took a mere 5 week for them to close my account delete my website and tell me it's all gone and i have no comeback. £24? Really??

    I do take the blame for not being able to foresee the future, the crime and the Pandemic that ensued and perhaps for not staying on hold for 8 hours a day to sort every detail out, however I did expect a little leeway regarding getting me back up and running.

    Did I get ANY help? NO. Just directed to Paragraph 13 of the Terms and Conditions.

    Please Note – They may dazzle with prices and offers, but sometimes it helps to have a little compassion and humanity in the business world, especially during Pandemics and/or other natural disasters and crimes.

    Thanks for nothing IONOS, I now face financial ruin.

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