1184 (Web Hosting)  How to increase  php memory limit  for shared hosting inside Godaddy

1184 (Web Hosting) How to increase php memory limit for shared hosting inside Godaddy

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1184 (Web Hosting) How to increase PHP memory limit for shared hosting inside Godaddy?

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Preface – My project files were constantly timing out ….i was made aware by my team that this required the memory limit to be increased because a few scripts which were dynamic in nature i.e revolved around querying the database and fetching results needed a little more memory than that provided by the hosting servers default php configuration set up ..it was by default set to 64 M and i needed to increase it to 256 M

So i wrote to godaddy

“I am using Godaddy ultimate hosting plan with customer id number 44542993 and hosting site www.playvila.com,,,,my scripts were running out and throwing blank pages ….I have now somewhat figured out as to what is causing the issue ,,,,my scripts were timing out …on close study, my developers have requested me to ask to increase the php memory limit to a higher value …presently the memory _limit is 64 M……you can see this at www.playvila.com/phpinfo.php …we tried increasing the memory limit but we couldn’t …so can i please request you to please increase the memory limit”

Godaddy responded almost immediately
“You can increase it with the use of a php5.ini file…. I had one added & increased to 128M so you can see it as an example. If it’s not yet taken effect then you may need to end system processes:

By – Nate

And now we begin our solution –
So , we understand that the The minimum PHP memory requirement is 256 M of php memory_limit, but godaddy php memory limit is 64M

So , to increase php memory limit , we do the following steps

For the selected hosting package which is under question , we need to go to the root of the directory …you can do this either by setting up a remote connection using FTP client like filezilla or using the file manager inside the control panel

Inside the root , create a new file here named php5.ini,
if you already have php5.ini edit the file. Add this line to that file
memory_limit = 256M
Save the file and close it.

If you open php info file, this changes won’t take effect.
Because you need to first end the system processes for the server where you want this system changes of increasing PHP memory limit to take effect !
This can be done by going to the control panel for the selected shared server ! There we need to go to task and monitors and we will see all system processes that run i.e web,FTP , SSH
At point of making this tutorial , the system process that ran were just the web and not FTP or SSH …but i still decided to use “end all ” processes where i would be fine ending only web processes !

After this i simply reloaded the phpinfo file and could see that the changes that i had done to increase PHP memory limit to 256 M through the PHP5 file have taken effect

Hope fully this helps !

Cheers ,

Amlan Dutta

(Note – i had done a mistake of turning writing 256 MB instead of 256 M as a result of which i was getting a blank screen when i was trying to load my project …i dunno how many of you know this , but the memory is indicated in M and not MB
So in case you are one like me and faced a blank screen , that was the small little monster there )

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  1. great video honestly – maybe edit your sound before uploading – sounds like you are yelling at us most of the video 🙂

  2. The new interface is totally different and is no longer possible to increase the PHP memory limit as shown… any thoughts?

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