7 thoughts on “13 – Symfony 4 Beginners: Virtual host

  1. I don't really know how i came across your YouTube channel, but i'm watching all the videos about symfony. The thing that I like the most is that all videos come out in a natural way, not scripted, it's just you in front of your computer showing what you know (and showing what you don't know, but saying it so, instead of liying) with a lot of swearing, and troubleshooting problems on the go.

    I like it very much, i would recommend it whenever i can, keep the good work!

  2. just to mention, you don`t have to restart apache server after editing hosts file, it`s independent from apache subsystem

  3. Thanks man.. u r genius.. My Symfony Guru. is it possible to create multiple Symfony version and run? Symfony 4, Symfony 3.3 etc..

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