1and1 Full Customer Review WATCH NOW!

1and1 Full Customer Review WATCH NOW!

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1&1 is one of the biggest hosting companies around and they have been hosting millions of website for many years now. Being one of their many customers I wanted to do a review to give my thoughts and feedback to other people looking for a hosting company. For this 1and1 review I went ahead and looked at 3 different things, their price, customer support and quality of product. I find these 3 criteria to be the most important when picking a hosting company. If a hosting company does not score well on all three I would use a different company.

When looking at the 1 and 1 price I compared it to other major hosting companies. When reviewing it compaired to other companies it scores very well. They have hosting plans that can accomadate pretty much any customer on any type of budget. So whether you just need a basic web hosting package or a powerful VPS you can get what you need from 1&1. 1and1 currently offers a lot of different packages, on top of hosting you can purchase domains, set up ecommerce, get a cloud server and more.

This makes them a very versatile hosting company, so even if you start out with a VPS and need to switch to a cloud server you wont have to switch to a different host which is always nice.

Next, when looking at 1&1 customer service I found they stack up very well against the competition. One important thing they have is 24/7 support which is something I wouldn’t go with out. If you are having a problem with your website and can’t get in touch with your host that can be a very big problem and cost you a lot of money depending on your site. The offer live chat, telephone and ticket support so you can choose which ever suits your needs.

Lastly, I looked at their quality of product. It’s one thing to have good prices and good support but if your hosting is slow or has a lot of down time that can be a deal breaker. In my experience, over the past 8 months I have found their hosting to be very reliable. I haven’t had any issues with down time or anything like that. Because of this I would consider their quality of hosting to be high.

All in all, 1and1 is a great host and I would recommend them to anyone. I hope you enjoyed this review and please don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe.

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7 thoughts on “1and1 Full Customer Review WATCH NOW!

  1. I was customer for 5 years, only once i gave feed back to improve Control panel as wheel circle & page does not load. All other stuff was fine, guess what as punishment they limit my quote even though i am using 2GB of Disk space. It shows their end over 10GB, Even if i use 10GB i think i have unlimited package.
    Regardless I removed 2GB sites to 800 MB punishment still sustained.
    Wrote email to Mr. SEBASTIAN.G & SUPPORT dam no effect. If you are professional then Big "NO" if you are 1 website then for you ok any Hosting.

  2. BEWARE 1&1 ARE THIEVES! i and many others have been robbed by these people (check it up online and then you'll thank me) they are not a business but a company which steals it's user's financial information and charges horrendous amounts of money. .

  3. 1&1 internet SUCK! try 24/7 support haaaaaa, you wat for 30min to 2 hours, then get put on hold then told maybe someone else will look at it when they get a chance and ALL YOUR SITES ARE DOWN. This is not a single instance, we talking about 3 times a year min. THEY SUCK!

  4. Hi. I joined 1 & 1 and cannot as yet figure out how to use their site. I obtained
    domain names from them and signed up for several services. However, since I
    am not an expert, I need a step by step process ..how to create a blog, how to 
    create a website?  When I sent to their help page it told me to go to Administration.
    well, there is no such site!  I need a plan, an easy video. can you help??

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