#2 AWS CodeStar | Deploy Java Spring webapp on AWS

#2 AWS CodeStar | Deploy Java Spring webapp on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms on a paid subscription basis with a free-tier option available for 12 months.
The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary.
Fees are based on a combination of usage, the features chosen by the subscriber, required availability, redundancy, security, and service options.

In this video we will talk about :
– Deploy Java Spring webapp on AWS
– We will use EC2, Beanstalk, Codestar
– Steps to deploy project on AWS
– Logging in to AWS console
– Using services provided by AWS
– We will use EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Codestar service of AWS
– Create new project using AWS Codestar
– Select technology for project
– We will select Java and in Java we will select web application
– give project name
– Select Git repository
– Project pipeline in AWS
– Creating new key
– Accessing page
– Application endpoints in AWS
– Run project

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30 thoughts on “#2 AWS CodeStar | Deploy Java Spring webapp on AWS

  1. Hi,
    Do I need to have the jar for the deployement? I can t run as maven install because of 'url must start with jdbc error' altough I have good url. The project runs without errors and also the testing. I work in eclipse.and for.database I use postgreSql. Thank you,

  2. After uploading simple Java web application getting proxy error…but it works eclipse…but uploading war file in aws getting proxy error…can u help out

  3. I followed the same steps but I having a "Deploy" with CloudFormation instead of Application with ElasticBeanstalk… ???

  4. Hello, Sir, I am getting an error at the time of cloning my project
    git-upload-pack not permitted

    This is an error so now what to do next>
    How Can I fix these error?

  5. Hello Sir ,

    I am Aman I have created successfully project on codestar but the project link is not appear on application-endpoint . Please give me proper guide .


  6. After Create Project Same Step As you did follow but get Error :-No Delployment endpoints could be found in the project's resources

  7. Hi, I can't manage to build the code, It gives error. That's why I can't see the application endpoint URL. Getting this error: Error while executing command: aws cloudformation package –template template.yml –s3-bucket $S3_BUCKET –output-template-file template-export.yml. Reason: exit status 2

    on POST_BUILD stage.

  8. Sir I'm registered with aws account but it asking payment. Is there any way for doing free account plz tell me sir…

  9. Sir please please its a request. I want to be a game programmer and I don't know where to start I have searched on Internet and every where I could still I'm confused what to learn some say c++ some say c# or unity type engines. I know programming language like c++ java etc please sir help. 🙂

  10. Hello sir should i go for building native or hybrid apps.? Which of them is best. And what are the advantages?

  11. hello sir, i m using aws accout for spring project, and I make war then deploy the project. As u told by aws codestar I can directly deploy my project in aws server. This information is great I ll do that, my question is in my case when I deploy my war in beanstalk it ll take some time to switching the war, during the switching my website will be paused for 2,3 min. during the switching if any hits comes in my server the server degraded. So via codestar what happen when I commit my code and pushed, will it affect my website during switching… hope u ll answer. thanks

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