29: How to Easily Upload a Website | Learn HTML & CSS | HTML Tutorial | Upload a Website Tutorial

29: How to Easily Upload a Website | Learn HTML & CSS | HTML Tutorial | Upload a Website Tutorial

In this HTML tutorial I will teach you how to upload a website to the internet, which can be a bit tricky if you have never done it before. So in this tutorial I will both explain what is required and how to upload a website easily. For this tutorial we will be using the hosting service named HostGator, but any hosting services will do if you plan to use another service.

Link to HostGator:
Link to FileZilla:
Link to website validator:


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22 thoughts on “29: How to Easily Upload a Website | Learn HTML & CSS | HTML Tutorial | Upload a Website Tutorial

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  2. The video is great and useful, but whoever saw the best two hosting companies, Blue Host or Hostgator in terms of prices, it is guaranteed and safe, and you can see it yourselfhttps://yazing.com/deals/bluehost/Abdoomar https://yazing.com/deals/hostgator/Abdoomar

  3. i can be buying this im only 15 years old and want to take out a website oks show me how to do it free 😭

  4. Hello! Since uploading, hostgators site has changed quite a bit! I'm having a difficult time following your tutorial and configuring my FTP. I'm having to choose a directory name and am not seeing the same files after connecting to the server through FTP. I'll continue to look into the issue myself but would appreciate any help that you could give!

  5. Hi Dani, is it possible at all to upload my facebook page on a new website that I'd buy? I downloaded an HTML file of my page. It's not a personal page, but about a musician.Thank you for your time

  6. Yes what about the website from Shaw it’s already done but don’t know to publish it( it’s something the Shaw person says we have to do it ourselves the problem is on the link, which don’t really know what is the link and how to fix it could you please tell me I really appreciate it in advance thank you so much for the video

  7. Hi! nice work on the video 👍 It was very informative☺ I found one more hosting service cheap here —>  https://tinyurl.com/yyh65dvf

    (I use it too)


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