3. Deploy and Configure a Virtual Machine (Step by Step guide)

3. Deploy and Configure a Virtual Machine (Step by Step guide)

In this video series I am going to show you how to install, configure and manage VMware vSphere 6.5. In the third video from the series we are deploying our first Virtual Machine into our lab.

Important note:
1. You will need to configure your VMFS Datastore in order to install the first VM.
2. You can either use iSCSI disks from Windows File Server or use the local attached disks for the ESXi installation.
3. You can download the VMware Remote Console from here –

25 thoughts on “3. Deploy and Configure a Virtual Machine (Step by Step guide)

  1. 1:40 he shows how to use free storage.I do the same but getting in the end and error, any idie? Logs does not say anything useful.

  2. Thank you so damned much, I could not figure out how to get the iso connected to the VM without the datastore BS. Download the VRMC then launch from the Remote Console. I'm basically making this post for the next time I forget.

  3. Thank you. Why don't you create a Udemy course for people interested in pass their Microsoft certifications?

  4. Hey brother I had one question how do you access this vm ware machine in windows 10, have you entered ip address in microsoft edge browser?Means my question how are operating this vm machine

  5. Keep up the good work Nick, your explanation is soo great that a newbie like me would understand

  6. Great work man i wished that u give some onboard theory part to explain each option inside the esxi… but in general u r doin well keep going

  7. Sorry man but you lost me with your presentation. It's very confusing to follow you when you have already configured your hosts and say you will show us in another video this. How stupid is this? Why can someone just make an easy to follow presentation using all required steps? Should I now try to find out on my own which video is that when you actually configured the ISCSI storage on the ESXI? Such a waste of time..

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