[#3] How to Link Your domain with AWS - Free amazon AWS Hosting

[#3] How to Link Your domain with AWS – Free amazon AWS Hosting

[#3] How to Link Your domain with AWS – Free amazon AWS Hosting

In this video i will show you How to Link Your domain with AWS

In Part 2 we learned How to Install WordPress in AWS
In Part 1 i had showed you how to How to Create AWS account

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40 thoughts on “[#3] How to Link Your domain with AWS – Free amazon AWS Hosting

  1. I transfer my domain on aws everything is fine. But when I access my domain on web url its working. How to resolve this

  2. brother you are a pro. And after watching this video. Even I'm a pro in installing WordPress in AWS and then connecting my domain

  3. Hi Rana Bro amazon is charging me $ 0.5 for using route 53 services, I have used every steps as in your video, could be please tell me is it true that we need to pay for dns records?.

  4. Hello sir, how can you get Https on this? Is it possible to do SSL certificate HTTPS for free on AWS or low cost?

  5. sir I can't linked with my domain name.showing this sites can't reached .but when i put :8080 after after my domain name it working how can i solve this ?

  6. I got an ec2 instance in my domain. I want to transfer/relocate in a subdomain of the same domain. Please help me…ASAP.

  7. Im looking to build an ecommerce store. Is it a good idea to start hosting with AWS free tier, or go with Godaddy for hosting? I want to sell amazon products so i assume its better to use AWS because of speeds. I also want to have fast mobile loads, is AWS mobile optimized? Thanks.

  8. Hi Rana, I hope this will not create any issue and it is a free tier from AmazonAWS for affiliate marketing? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks Aishwarya

  9. hmmmm doesn't look safe at all, whoever created the AMI will know the password and not only that, how can we prevent a reverse shell on the instance to get that password?

  10. Hi, I am facing an issue i.e. I have purchased a domain name from AWS and creating a web site in WordPress, but in the address war there is showing the only IP address not a domain name, I want there to show domain name, I tried much time to solve in but no use please help me

  11. The domain name added as per you tutorial works fine on the home page, but when I navigate to other pages from the launched site, it exposes the public IP. I have tried on different browser and mobile as well. Why is this happening? I can not find nay tutorial on this.

  12. Hello Sir,
    I have setup website and hosting by following your tutorial,
    but now, I am facing issue with installing ssl certificate on it, how to install that

  13. sir using route 53 for connecting WordPress EC2 is charging now is there any way to do it free of charges to an existing domain?

  14. Hi, configuring SSL for wordpress with SSL certified from bitnami, and t2.micro, and load balancer, without using SSH – that would be great and usefull.

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