3 skills you NEED for the CLOUD (AWS, Microsoft Azure)

3 skills you NEED for the CLOUD (AWS, Microsoft Azure)

Learning the cloud, gaining your AWS certification or Azure certification…..isn’t enough…..here are 3 skills you need to add.

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38 thoughts on “3 skills you NEED for the CLOUD (AWS, Microsoft Azure)

  1. Is there a way to have a home cloud with no internet access just local i got 100+ computers in my air vent to use in the winter to use as a heater i think it would be cool to connect all of them together in a local cloud to play gta5 on a computer with a crappy cou but good gpu and for some reason 4 lan connections and 8 wifi connections

  2. Thats sucks i went to college when i was into a business and inside i feel like i dont know shit but they see buttons being pressed so fast and i use keyboard short cuts and that seems to inpress people and they see pages changine going into pages they didnt know was there without touching the mouse its easy to loose someone within like 5 minutes after that that they walk away say good luck and inside just waiting for them to walk away so i can google how to do this when they come back in 20 minutes how is it doing im done they dont know i just coppied and paste and most of the time was learning how to do it but they say good job and spread the word in so smart we need him i love working I.T. for dumb people i literally setup static ip in a call center because they would go to each computer every day just to get a ip address so the servers can connect i fixed that for $200 i didnt even ask for that it was so easy i was willing to take donations but they were so impressed i fixed the whole call center and saved them so much time everyday in like 20 minutes and they gave me $200 and wanted to give me more i literally felt like thats too much for the job i just said give me a job and bam i landed me a job controlling all maybe 100 computers turns out i was getting paid for 8 hours but i did my job too well and after i was done my job became just about nothing so i started tracking everyone and makeing internet logs to track people not working and setup a object detection for camera paper pen detector and i ended up fucking the security guy because that was his job and now all he did was sit on his ass waiting for some alert to visually check it out shortly he got fired because he didnt have enough work to justify his price and then i made my job so easy it auto logged in the morning that way even the owner dont need to do anything just walk in and hes already logged in walk away and auto log off i made everything so easy to the point i was outside 7 hours a day smoking cigs with all the live audio from all the room playing live on my phone to better my response to the need and then thats when i really messed up i did more i setup my job to be ran from outside and one day someone called me from outside so i fixed the problem from my cellphone faster than it would take for me to walk to the room and fix it myself the owner sall that and offered me a job where i just stay home and just be alert and respond when need for 8 hours a day but the company was running so well and i touch the owner how i did it all for free software without costing the company a dime extra i would go days without a call for help and then the owner learned how to use the software i put up for him and he fired me because he was now able to do everything himself atleast untill a computer physically dies and there running windows xp so there not dead yet he could last years before i get any money from him again

  3. A lot of my work involves backups try into do something end up messing it up and restore and try again it always works given enough times

  4. 1:10:28 sorry, but… WTF…? 🤔
    I kinda hope "HammerSmash" is gauging your ken. Otherwise, you might wanna say you're ill & go home.
    And definitely don't do any ARP spoofing or MitM either, unless you want to have a really bad day…

  5. Degree versus cert?
    There's a load of surrounding (ALERT: BIZ BUZZWORD INCOMING) due diligence.
    I'm a manager in a global company, and I consider experience as well as education, but a Computer Sciences degree tells me a candidate puts in significant effort, has stamina, and will understand "dull" things like basic data analysis & reporting that a lot of techies shy from.
    And that "dull" stuff is vital, from targeting config changes & reporting success (ops) to creating SIEM use cases or targeting lateral movement (infosec).
    Good luck fellow humans 😁👍

  6. Please reach out if you were impacted by the layoffs, and are someone that just loves to build creative solutions. AWS may be able to help


  7. Everyone doing everything is fine for smaller orgs.. but this creates a very big security issues. The keys to everything are with everyone. No one is fully responsible anymore.

  8. hi,
    i want to get into the cloud industry i will take the aws associate cert. should i enrich my knowledge of the network by taking ccna too?

  9. Great Vids! I have been HelpDesk, Integration, Systems, Server Engineer and now just changed to Network Engineer. Just started working on Python and I hope Cloud is next!

  10. Recently got a role as a cloud engineer and I have been a linux engineer for 4 years, system administrator for 3 years and computer Technician for 2 years.
    The skills I have or were required for the role are:
    1. Linux (cloud is 98% linux)
    2. Ansible
    3. Terraform
    4. Python
    5. Elasticsearch
    6. Jenkins or bamboo
    7. Git or SVN
    8. Nexus
    9. Networking( this should have been after Linux)
    10. Kubernetes or Openshift (also should have been higher)
    11. Yaml ( this is not necessarily required, but I have seen people struggling with yaml to a point of frustration so just knowing the basic rules of yaml should be fine, Space not tab)

  11. Yes im very lucky.. To fond your channel.. Very usefull…. Very very very nice nice nice very very excellent..thank you thank you

  12. …of all the things discussed here, I'm searching the internet for "AWS"?.. no. "Linux"??.. no. "Python"???… no, no, no. Network Chuck (ft Cameron) cinnamon challenge.. YES!!

    In other news, about a week away from recertifying at CCNA after letting my CCNP R&S certs lapse a few years back. Already looking to change direction to Cloud computing. AWS, Linux, and Python will be next on the list.. (after finding the cinnamon challenge of course).

  13. What an awesome, straightforward video on how to get a job as a cloud engineer! Where's the best place to learn networking? Do I need to get my CCNA or Security+? I got my A+ last year and just passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam 2 days ago and currently work as a remote tech support rep for a large electronics retailer.

  14. Absolutely love this channel and all of the content you produce. Extremely helpful, I have honestly not come across a more helpful resource for understanding IT, how it evolves, and some of the technologies that have captured my interest (namely, cloud computing). Thank you and keep the amazing content coming brother!!

  15. Setting up some courses in IT. I need recommendations for laptops. I dont want to out grow it in a year or 2.

  16. I hope next time you have a guest, you can balance the microphones more. I had to turn my volume up to hear you, and then turn it way down when your brother talked. It was pretty annoying, to be honest.

  17. This was a great presentation. I am curious why there was no mention of learning sdlc as part of the programming knowledge

  18. Are there any solutions that involve point and click programming? Programming is by far the most difficult topic in IT for most network engineers that I know. Will network engineers need to build scripts from scratch, as opposed to just plugging in things data to them?

  19. You guys were saying how you can’t just get into the cloud…. I am studying for my AWS solutions architect degree and have a year left on my MIS… yet my bachelors is in business. I pickup quick and am able to follow instructions / understand the syntax. Can I still make it to the cloud starting out or do you think I’ll have to work a lower level job first?

  20. I really like the advice given. You might not believe but one of my friend in year 2011 working on virtualisation gave me same advice. I was linux admin at that time.. preparing for my CCNA. I left sys/network admin and moved to other things. Linux, Networking and infra work satisfy the geek inside an IT guy but the nature of job is simply not healthy. 24×7 environment…never ending queue of tickets…sev2..sev1..SLAs and TAT…weekends…on call support… it was too much to bargain for living a happy peaceful life for me… that's why I moved on. DevOps/Cloud Engineer is same thing in disguise..

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