5 Reasons Why Free Website Is Waste of Time (also free domain & hosting)

5 Reasons Why Free Website Is Waste of Time (also free domain & hosting)

I’ll explain 5 reasons why getting a free website is a waste of your time. This also applies to free domain names and free web hosting.

Services such as blogger, wordpress.com, Wix or standalone websites build on with free domain and hosting, are not optimized for success.

You should avoid free services that create a subdomain under the main domain e.g. myblog.wix.com
or free domain e.g. myblog.cf build on top of free hosting.

Now I’m not saying these services are bad in general, I’m saying that you should consider buying a domain name and pay for the hosting to get more out of your website.

5 reasons why getting a free website is a bad idea:
1. You can’t make money from your website.
2. Lack of credibility (Search engines give less priority)
3. Spammers are on the same shared server
4. Limited customer service
5. Slow website (low bandwidth)

Is a free website worth it? My recommendation is to stay away from these, unless you are practicing or just building a website for one time use, such as an event.

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26 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Free Website Is Waste of Time (also free domain & hosting)

  1. Thanks for telling that.
    I was curious about that becoz I'm new to this kind of stuff
    BTW where can I buy a domain and host for cheaper one

  2. Bro I created 11 websites in free host and forget to make backup and then my all websites is closed without any reason 😿😿

  3. Bro I am new to these things and wish to make a educational website so if I buy a domain and keep it at free hosting for some time..will I be able to put in ads and make some money initially to later shift to paid hosting?

  4. Just make sure that you code a website, use a reliable hosting provider like Oxide Hosting, buy a domain and the hosting, done!

  5. what if we host our website on google drive? Will I get unlimited bandwidth as there is on google drive.

  6. I dont know why this music background made me laugh my asss offf lool reminds me of a Chinese restaurant that is just newly opened 😂


  8. Well this sucks then how can I get a job as a wed designer or stuff like this.
    And to top it all of I don't have any money

  9. So say if I bought my domain and then used a free hosting to actually set up my site in full. Will I be able to move the full website to a paid hosting company?

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