7 BEST Reseller Hosting Plans! Build Your Passive Income Hosting Business

7 BEST Reseller Hosting Plans! Build Your Passive Income Hosting Business

Reseller hosting is still a viable option for creating a passive income source for yourself. But you do need to know what to look for when purchasing a reseller hosting account. So what are the best packages? Our top pick is Namehero:

00:00 Intro
Reseller hosting is where you buy hosting and domain name registration resources from a web host and then resell those services as your own under a white label model. Reselling hosting is an excellent choice to add as an upsell to any type of web design or development work you do.

01:35 Namehero
Namehero offers some excellent cloud hosting and the most straight forward pricing plans for resellers. You get an adequate amount of resources given the amount of client accounts and their price points are very competitive. Visit Namehero: ►

04:48 A2 Hosting
The best alternative to Namehero is A2 Hosting. Fast, reliable, quality hosting for your clients. They are a bit limiting on the amount of accounts you get per package but they do provide an excellent amount of hosting resources.

08:47 Green Geeks
Green Geeks has excellent price points for their reseller accounts as well good, reliable hosting. Also, they are environmentally friendly if that is important to you.

12:01 In Motion Hosting
Wow, they offer a lot of value in their reseller hosting packages. A high level of resources and a good amount of client accounts. The only downside is their starter plan does not include WHMCS which forces you to use on of there more expensive plans.

15:59 Host Papa
Host Papa is a good shared host that offers reseller hosting accounts. They currently don’t offer an introduction rate like other hosts and for the same price as other reseller accounts, the give you less resources.

18:59 Host Gator
A classic choice. Host Gator has been in the reseller business for years. They offer good reseller packages and no limit on the amount of CPANEL or client accounts. I did find it annoying that they did not give more detail on their sales page however. But support was quick to answer any questions. Checkout Host Gator: ►

22:18 GoDaddy
GoDaddy has reseller hosting but it’s way to expensive compared to what options currently exist. They do however have a a reseller program where you can mark up their services and the margin difference is your profit. Interesting choice from GoDaddy! ►

27:39 Conclusion
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12 thoughts on “7 BEST Reseller Hosting Plans! Build Your Passive Income Hosting Business

  1. Yes I been really thinking about getting into reselling hosting.. Thanks for the information great video

  2. nice video, I am from India, i am planning to start a hosting service what is the best reseller hosting service for Indian clients?

  3. What about Namecheap Reseller Hosting? On the paper, it seems pretty good too and decent price, so it looks like good very value for money. Or am I missing anything with this provider?

  4. What about www.20i.com i searched a lot and they are the best when it come to the email restrictions , They provide 10GB Emails and the restrictions is very generous than others

  5. Thinking of reseller hosting, namehero seems to have better options. don't know though, still researching.

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