7 ways to verify site ownership - Google Search Console Training

7 ways to verify site ownership – Google Search Console Training

In this episode of Search Console Training, Daniel Waisberg goes over the 7 ways to verify your site ownership in Google Search Console and activate Search Console for your site. The individual verification methods are:
DNS record (3:00)
HTML file upload (5:38)
HTML tag (7:03)
Google Analytics (8:04)
Google Tag Manager (9:36)
Google Sites (11:03)
Blogger (11:43)

Verify a website →
Google Analytics user permissions →
Configuring Search Console data in Google Analytics →
Google Tag Manager users and permissions →
Compare Google classic Sites & new Sites →

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32 thoughts on “7 ways to verify site ownership – Google Search Console Training

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  2. the hosting is in the name of my partner, but I am the admin in the wordpress, Am i the owner of the website?

  3. I entered my url in URL prefix but did not get verification code..goes straight to OVERVIEW…and I received message from google —Google systems show that you recently verified your site in Search Console ??????

  4. I accidentally verified my website to google search using the wrong email address, please any solution to remove it ? Given that I already deleted the TXT from cpanel .

  5. Why do you need to verify your website??
    My store is a online store only, does it needs to be verified to help it get on the first page of Google?
    Which type of store is beneficial to verify the domain and website??
    What your business gain by doing these verification?
    Anybody knows, please?

  6. It doesn't really matter if there are 7 ways to verify your website or 1007 ways of doing it if you do not explain in terms that someone does not understand software. You say go to your homepage and add the tag – where? How? My homepage is pictures of my products – where does the tag go?

  7. I have had google analytics and google search console working just fine on my website for more than six months and now I have to verify that I am who I am – why? I cannot follow any of your instruction and so have to spend money on finding someone to do this unnecessary work for no apparent reason whatsoever

  8. how to verify , google sites as i am using site.google.com for my website , i cannot seem to verify ownership , thank you

  9. what if someone verifies themselves and adds them-self as an owner with out your permission how do you remove them

  10. None of these methods work (ironically) if you created a site via Google's own New Sites. What is the recommended method for adding a New Google Sites page to google?

  11. Thank you that was so helpful. In no time, 3 different sites all verified. I've always found it confusing but you made it super easy. I went method 2 – URL prefix (at 7:08) – copied HTML tag and added the generated tag to the website's home page header, published the site and… voila, instant verification.

  12. Google thought this was supposed to help. I'm having to look at some random video cause this does not answer my questions.

  13. what if someone verifies themselves and adds them-self as an owner with out your permission how do you remove them

  14. i was using search console for ages, then when i went back after the covid pause i got a notice i had to verify the site. meanwhile analytics still works?! if i verify now with search console, will i lose all the info that i had before?

  15. i bought the domain from Go daddy but changed the DNS as per my web hosting provider. What am i supposed to do now.

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