26 thoughts on “7 Zoom Screen Share Tips Every User Should Know!

  1. Thanks for the great video! Do you have any tips for playing engaging games on zoom? Things such as choosing a question and having a randomly selected person answer? Thanks again!

  2. Great video! Is there any way to maximize video participants when screen sharing? It occasionally has really tiny video images despite having a large monitor

  3. I am trying to learn as much as I can about Zoom meetings as I will be hosting online game and need to look like I know what I'm doing. Mostly like to know how I can host to several participants while keeping them from conversing with me until I need to hear them tell me they have a winner. Not sure that can be done. Any advise? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for the video! Super informative! QUESTION: When sharing your screen, is there an option to remove the Picture in Picture (PIP) of the presenter or speaker? For example, when playing a video, I just want the video to be seen, not me as a PIP. Thank you in advance!

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  6. The last tip is very useful one for me. I was annoyed to see my students , playing with it. Thanks a lot.

  7. You did make this very simple: I learned a few tricks. I am most impressed about the polling feature, and I am also eager to use the advanced sharing features! Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thanks, this is great! Zoom people can take advice from you. This is quick, clear, efficient training. I just watched 3 corporate Zoom videos, they leave out important information to successful. YOU ROCK!

  9. Hey, Scott… Michael Scott here.
    Great content, fabulous presentation, thanks, but since you raised the subject of "pet peeves" once or twice… here's one of mine.

    There's a thing in English grammar called an "article".
    There's a "definite article", the word "the", for identifying a specific thing: the table, the person, the car.
    And an "indefinite article", the word "a", for referring to non-specific items: a table, a person, a car.

    This word…a…is pronounced as it is in "have", or "ham". That's called the "short" sound of the vowel "a", as opposed to the long version, used in the words "bake" or "gate" (or tRump's favorite, "fake")

    Listen to your 15 minute presentation.
    In the first FIVE seconds you say "Sharing your screen in Zoom is AY must-know skill". And there are a couple of dozen more instances.

    Keep up the great content (AND smooth delivery), please, but watch those affectacious articles!

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