A Beginner's Guide To Different Types Of Web Hosting Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting

A Beginner's Guide To Different Types Of Web Hosting Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting

Not only are there numerous web hosting companies to choose from, but there are a variety of hosting types, with different hosting plans out there as well. For example, most small businesses and individuals require a type of web hosting called shared web hosting. Midsize businesses, may require a type called VPS web hosting, and large businesses may require a type called, dedicated web hosting. Each type offers a different level of performance, security, & features for a multitude of different websites. It is important to understand, the type of web hosting you’ll need. We’ve outlined the 3 most popular types.

First Is The Shared Web Hosting.
It is the most popular type for hosting a website. It’s very practical and affordable, which makes it a perfect choice for small business owners & individuals. We don’t want to get too technical, but a shared hosting account is basically hosted on a server, that shares its resources (CPU, RAM, etc) among many different clients.

Second is the VPS (Virtually Private Shared) Web Hosting.
It is an intermediary option between shared and dedicated web hosting. It essentially offers better performance for larger websites, that have outgrown a shared hosting account. It also offers better security, root access, and various other benefits, since a VPS server is partitioned into several “virtual” servers, which is given to each customer.

Third Option Is Dedicated Hosting.
It is primarily meant for large businesses, and organizations, that require the full power, security, and customizability of an entire server. Some large websites, may even require multiple servers. This is the most expensive option, typically meant for very large, resource intensive websites with massive amounts of traffic.

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