17 thoughts on “A Guide to HostGator's NEW Customer Portal 2019

  1. Nice try to help people who don't have a clue on how to do this, like myself. But you keep jumping around to different screens and you don't explain how you got there. I spend most… no, all my time looking for the screen your'e on. Slow down and explain like you're teaching someone like me, not you!

  2. Hi guys, thanks for the video!
    Is GSuite already included in the Hatchling plan?
    Also, I am planning to get Hatchling web hosting plan to create online courses. Could you please suggest which would be the best/compatible WordPress theme and LMS plugins for this?

  3. I went to hostgator, then clicked domine and sais that my domain "register fail"
    Wait for more email instrutions.
    ¿how long?

  4. hi my domain is not aviable i have purchase it since 4 days i have already intal wordpress but nothing is not aviable

  5. Be sure to read honest and real reviews left by real users on my blog before you signup for Hostgator, please go to my blog here – ForestReviews. com/hostgator-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Adam

  6. WoW great video just now came accross it on aug 27 2019 but very informative , i really like everything about hostgator i have been with some others and was very unhappy , hostgator is very good …Thanks

  7. Love you HOSTGATOR , you are the best in the market today, high quality services and a great support especially, keep amazing us

  8. Audio is TERRIBLE. What is with the transmitting from a DRUM about with the Rising and falling of the quality. The Sean audio is terrible. The Blair audio is MUCH Better. No excuse for professionals.
    WHY have the Mouse Fur Lite Colored Print and WHY have it so SMALL? A lot of white space is wasted when larger and darker Font could have been used.

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