15 thoughts on “A Look at ownCloud for self hosted Cloud Storage

  1. i try to use nextcloud to make a service out of it, it still for hopes or for personal use and nothing works. Im trying Owncloud now it is working as expected I don't need the extra application that looks wherein 1983 and they don't work nextcloud wast my time this is the third time i try to work with the overhyped nextcloud.

  2. I am gonna try out OwnCloud. I tried NextCloud using k8s in my cluster of raspberris 4, but unfortunately, redeploying Nextcloud using helm is not working right now, so just gonna give a try to the helm chart in the bitnami repo of owncloud. The most difficult part when deploying to a cluster of raspberrys is the OS architecture, bitnami does not support arm.

    Good video!

  3. I just installed OwnCloud on 2 hosted servers on the WEB…. THIS IS PERFECT. I can get unlimited storage and super private. I love OWNCLOUD.

  4. Hi , Great review . I'm planning to install my own cloud server . What do you think of Tonido Server ?. My main requirement is file syncing from my server to a backup computer . I can see Tonido installation is quite simple . Every other feature is an added advantage . Looking forward to your thoughts . Cheers.

  5. Hello DJ Ware Excellent video. I had considered using ownCloud some time ago but didn't see the docker options and it required a lot of services without it that I did not want to set up and maintain by hand at the time. Anyway I use torrent for this, and I run it from a jail on my nas. That is true syncing lol and you need a client to get at it. I was wondering, what are your thoughts on bittorent such as KTorrent, qTorrent, Deluge, et al.? I actually use two separate service to make up what ownCloud is; I also run a simple http fileserver with a golang backend and lightweight vanilla javascript frontend, can be access any ware b/c all my devices run openVPN client, including phones and the kids' toys! lol (tablets).

  6. I will install ownCloud, yes, old fashion as well here, simple what I am after, well done DJ, great video.

  7. "EOF" – LOL . . Master Server from TRON – Come Forth.!
    . kinda remeinds me of placing a "Return" Card when there is not Sub to goto.
    . . getting on Compuserve with a 1-800 number – for free . . . . yup, those were the days. LOL

  8. Thanks for this vid DJ. I have only looked at OwnCloud/NextCloud once before. I like the idea of a file-sharing service on my home LAN. But while looking at them i got into a confusing series of rabbitholes on which one to use. Your explanation makes sense.
    Back when I got into IT, I was a big fan of SyncToy…and this looks like ST taken to the next level 🙂
    One thing that did look super interesting was the PrivacyIdea system of MA.
    Thanks DJ!

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