A2 Hosting Review - Top 5 Things You NEED To Know Before Buying! [NEW]

A2 Hosting Review – Top 5 Things You NEED To Know Before Buying! [NEW]

In this A2 Hosting review, I’ll go over what I believe to be the 5 most important things to know before you buy their web hosting!
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Obviously A2 hosting loves talking about how fast their are and how they utilize all of the newest technology. But did you know they had security issues in the past? Well, I’ve focused this A2 hosting review around the TOP 5 most important aspects of this web hosting provider.

00:00 Intro
00:26 – 1. A2 Hosting Hack
02:28 – 2. Excellent Uptime
02:59 – 3. Technology Used
04:42 – 4. Fast Loading Times
05:32 – 5. Honest Support
1. The Hack

Like most other web hosting provider, A2 hosting had some issues with security during its lifetime. In this A2 Hosting review I cover how they battled an attack hackers had launched on their Singapore servers.
2. Excellent Uptime

I’ve been monitoring A2 Hosting for over a year now and they consistently show uptime above 99.95%, meaning the downtime is almost non-existent. If you need a stable server well as this A2Hosting review shows there’s not much than can compete with them.
3. Newest Technology Used

The a2 hosting web hosting service is launched using the newest technology. That means you won’t be stuck on old servers, you’ll be able to take advantage of the newest and greatest innovations in the web hosting industry. Resulting in your website being faster than usual.
4. Fast Loading Times

And as my A2 Hosting review demonstrates having your website hosted on the latest and greatest servers has its upside. A2 Hosting constantly demonstrates the fastest SHARED web hosting speeds available. Meaning for quite a good price you’ll take advantage of everything they have to offer.
5. Honest Support Agents

A2 Hosting has one of the more honest support agents that I have come across. Without pushing any extra upgrades of features, they’re always here to help.
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