Add & Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs in cPanel at HostGator

Add & Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs in cPanel at HostGator

Why run one blog when you can own many blogs and websites? Today we’ll learn how to add multiple wordpress blogs to an existing hostgator hosting plan. First we’ll need to upgrade to a Baby plan, which I currently have for my own business. The steps are easy and you’ll soon manage many wordpress sites and can use them to make each blog that much more successful!

Hope you love it, let me know what you think in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Add & Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs in cPanel at HostGator

  1. Thanks, that was useful. I am struggling to manage three domains/blogs. How do you even remember so many that you have?? 😉

  2. Hi, thank you. If possible a question: if I had only one domain and I desired to test another blog, could I to install a test word press site without publish it?

  3. Once you add another domain and installed WordPress under that new domain, the system will create a separate folder for that domain? Great tutorial

  4. Bhai mera addon domain name se nhi show ho raha hostgator cpanel main
    Aur mere wordpress ke site par www kab aayega wo to keval se hai kab tak pura aayega

  5. Hi Greg! I bought a new domain at godaddy, but when I went to manage it, my screen looks entirely different than yours. There's just a button that says "Use My Domain," and I don't see anyplace to put my nameservers. The option they give is to connect to another site. What do I do?

  6. Hi. have 2 accounts on hostgator. 1 baby plan with mulitple accounts and 1 separate under the hatchling plan. This one I have on his own I want to add to the baby plan. I just send a request on their website or should I do this manually. I can not lose the content on the site and the site is running on wordpress. Any advice is welcome.

  7. Hi Greg, I am having this login problem to Hostgator that is driving me crazy. I put my password and it always gives me not valid error and does not let me log into my cpanel I have to change the password to get back in how can I fix this

  8. Hi Greg, I just started learning wordpress. I wanted to know if there is a way I can built multiple websites using same domain without having to buy multiple domains? I just need it to practice building more websites. I currently have a baby plan.

  9. Greg can you post here for me the link to the Town Hall 3 when you are ready? I will then post to my group. Otherwise it just takes them to your channel they might not know how to find Unity 3

  10. Have a question: Currently HostGator has been promoting their Cloud plan. Do you recommend the regular hosting or cloud hosting and what is the difference between the two? Many have been asking me if they should choose cloud hosting or regular hosting. So far I have had no issues with the regular but was wondering if I should switch to the cloud hosting and recommend it others or not?

  11. Another great video and so informative! First thing I noticed is wow… you have a ton of blogs Greg lol. My question for that is how to you manage them all and can it get overhwhelming having too many? Can see you totally 'practice what you teach' ! I too have the baby plan which I signed up with back in 2013 using your Dear Blogger coupon. Noticing the coupons are still there for those who have not yet signed up with HostGator

    I register my domains cheap over at Go Daddy then just add them to my
    Hostgator plan. Did that before even having 2 blogs or more. So true that it is not much extra. Also true that it causes you to set up more than 1 blog…just because you can!

  12. Excellent! What is your opinion of the "2.5X Boost WordPress" speed option for a business website? Thank you, Greg.

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