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  1. Thank you for this video. Will try this soon. Just recently bought a hosting in interserver during their black friday promo 2020. 😊

  2. I've been doing this for a long time. I could be wrong here but I also think there is a security issue with this. Having all the websites under one cpanel makes them all vulnerable to the same attack. I had all my clients under 1 cpanel account, one got hacked and the provider (Bluehost) shut them all down till the one was cleaned. As it turned out, 3 of them ended up getting hacked. Please, let me know any thoughts on this.

  3. The million question here is: What is the difference between add-on domains versus Alias domains?, I am sorry I see no difference. Thanks in advance!

  4. Thanks for this video. I don't see 'add on domains' on my web host, but I do see 'sub-domains'. Is it the same thing?

  5. so if i build 2 wordpress sites for 2 clients on one hosting account , each of them will be able to manage their websites independent from each other? it would be like creating 2 different folders , each of them with usernames and passwords?

  6. I need help if anyone can answer my questions, much appreciated please!! So I have a shopify store with the domain name FrostyJulz.shop, I originally bought FrostyJulz.com from square space but didnt like the platform and just went with the .shop option. I came across this video cuz I would like to have both of those URLs lead to my site and thought this would help, but I think it just made it worse for me. I went on my.siteground.com because I thought that this platform would solve my problem. I didnt watch this whole video before I bought a 1 year plan with them for $70 to manage my URLs. HOWEVER, I looked up Shopify right after (should of done it before, but the milk has been spilled) and the site says that I could of used them to link the URLs instead of getting this third party involved. There is no contact info for My.siteground.com and I think I got scammed. They gave a 30 day money back guarantee, which is why I felt a lil safe about the transaction, but that was not smart on my part. My.Siteground.com stated that if I wanted to leave their platform they would delete my site, which I worked soooo hard on and really dont want to. How can I reverse this mess of URLs? Anyone actually use this site and had similar experiences? Does any of this make sense? Im going to call my bank and report them as a scam if I cant figure this out, but I just dont want to lose my site. PLEASE HELPPPP

  7. Hello, Thanks for the video.

    i have 2 domains for different websites and one hosting that supports multidomain..the problem is that when i register my second domain, the 1st one always redirect to the second, i dont know why, and ive tried almost everything.. i need 2 independent domains in one hosting. what im doing wrong

  8. Is there a way to throttle the bandwith/speed of operations coming from an add on domain so that it does not affect the speed of the other add on domains significantly?

  9. I am getting this error Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “mywebsitename.com”. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid domain registrar.

  10. i am really confused, did u first purchase "geoflake.online" first.
    then you registered for another site with cpanel
    then you transfered "geoflake.online" to a subfolder and pointed its name servers.
    is this the concept of unlimited websites or can u really register a new .com under your cpanel.

  11. Your addon domain limit of 0 addon domains has been reached. The addon domain compra.com was not added.
    whats this

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