ADDON Domain vs DOMAIN - Learn How to Use Addon Domains in CPanel Tutorial

ADDON Domain vs DOMAIN – Learn How to Use Addon Domains in CPanel Tutorial

In this beginner-friendly tutorial, learn what is the difference between an addon domain and a domain. You can see addon domains in your CPANEL hosting account. Learn how to use setup and addon domains.

What is domain vs. addon domain vs. subdomain? See video here:

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27 thoughts on “ADDON Domain vs DOMAIN – Learn How to Use Addon Domains in CPanel Tutorial

  1. Thank you for taking the time. Your video is absolutely useful, you even talked about the common WP subfolder mistake.

  2. Hi me again. I guess what I'm really asking is – What shows up in the URL? I have 2 unrelated businesses so I dont want bed linen in the URL of the online courses business. Thanks again and like Enrique says you're great nice and clear instruction and love the part about the files also.

  3. That's great info nice and clear. So can the addon domains be a totally unrelated product. E.g. Selling bed linen and another doing courses? Or do you need a new account?

  4. Great instruction! What does the "Domain" link do? (The title of your video is "ADDON Domain vs DOMAIN," but you never really said anything about DOMAIN, just ADDON Domain.)

  5. Thanks for the Video very good. Do have a question. Lets say my Main Domain name is and i add a Addon Domain called The Cpanel instruction about addon's says this . (The main domain appears in the address bar.) … So does that meen, if you wanted to go to The URL of the address bar in the browser would look some thing like. walkmydog. because its says The Main dom appears in the address bar.

  6. hello there! is there a way how to check addon domain website before doman is pointed to the server? i just want to see the file that i just uploaded is working before im going to pointed it. thank you!

  7. How do you point your domain (here to your add-on domain only and not the primary domain or another add-on domain?

  8. hello, i have host my domain, and i add it on add domain, but i find out , that on my cpanel, the formal domain was still on, i expected my domain, to over-write the old one on the c-panel.. but it was not so

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