Advantages of WP Engine Hosting for a Web Designer

Advantages of WP Engine Hosting for a Web Designer

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In this video, we’ll cover some of the great advantages that you will have as a web designer to build your own site, build and transfer client websites, and make additional money via commission by helping set up your clients with WP Engine.

If you’re looking into what kind of hosting you should get for your website, I’m happy to say that I am working with my long-time host, WP Engine to put out a couple videos talking about hosting and some of the things that I love about WP Engine and maybe pass along some hosting information that will be of value in the process whether you use WP Engine or a different web host.

Check out WP Engine and what they have to offer right here:



I’m proud to say that WP Engine is the sponsor of this video and has been providing me with hosting for the past few years. They’re really pretty great. –

8 thoughts on “Advantages of WP Engine Hosting for a Web Designer

  1. Hi!
    I'm loving WP engine, but my client can't pay for it/has free hosting through a local company. I'm afraid to build their website with WP engine for fear we won't be able to easily transfer to their shared host. I would appreciate ANY feedback. Thank you!

  2. engine here engine there engine everywhere 🙂 i kind of remember first days of 3d engines for games later complete game engines smells like this engine for something system is slowly but surly crawling into other things abit like object oriented programing or real life mass production of one company to provide several shops across the country im wondering where this is heading maybe some kind of jobengine in wich people dont let themselves get employed to a company for years to come just for a job if you need more texture development speed just crank up the speed dial and the engine will hire 2 or 3 more texture designer stuff like that. on the tutorial viewpoint i kinda relaxed watching this video since here i didnt had to overload my brain with information 🙂 so a nice change of pace

  3. You do realize that the FTC regulations about advertising state that the sponsorship notice should be stated clearly IN THE VIDEO and preferably in the beginning.

    I love your PS tutorials but please do try to follow the appropriate ethical guidelines when you are getting paid to advertise something. Otherwise I will stop watching the videos you make and boycott whatever products you are selling.

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