11 thoughts on “Amazon Lightsail: Adding IP and DNS Records

  1. Why not use @ symbol?

    Address (A) record

    An A record maps a domain, such as example.com, or a subdomain, such as blog.example.com, to a web server’s IP address.

    For example, in the Lightsail DNS zone, you want to direct web traffic for example.com (the apex of the domain) to your instance. You would create an A record, enter an @ symbol into the Subdomain text box, and enter the IP address of your web server into the Resolves to address text box.

  2. I did this steps the domain redirect me to the website only and I see the public IP instead of my domain and I can't ask questions
    in AWS becuase I'm on first customer plan , Can some one tell me why I'm still see the IP in the URL instead my domain name
    My domain http://www.2wenos.co and the worst IP in the world

  3. I ran through all these steps but when I put in my domain name in my browser my wordpress blog doesn't show up.

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