ASP NET Core in process hosting

ASP NET Core in process hosting

In this video we will discuss
1. In process hosting model in ASP.NET Core
2. What is Kestrel server

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45 thoughts on “ASP NET Core in process hosting

  1. Using Mac in my case 'dotnet' is displayed from both terminal & visual studio. So please tell whether its in process or outprocess.

  2. When I am running my project from CLI instead of process name "dotnet" I am getting my project's name "EmployeeManagement". Why is this happening?

  3. When I browsed over http://localhost:5000/ I got a response of the namespace: EmployeeManagement. @kudvenkat Can you please help me understand this?

  4. When I run the project using dotnet run command, I am getting "EmployeeManagement" as the process name rather then "dotnet" as the process name. Can anyone tell me why?

    await context.Response.WriteAsync(System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName);

  5. <AspNetCoreHostingModel>InProcess</AspNetCoreHostingModel>
    has been removed in .NET CORE 3

    Projects default to the in-process hosting model in ASP.NET Core 3.0 or later.

  6. Hello Venkat i run This code System.components.process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName but i get "EmployeeManagment" project name.Also I haven't inprocess or outofprocess hosting automatic.Please help me

  7. Sir very easy way can explain

    Thank for providing such a very informative core video

    Really sir for who can't afford purchase the video tutorials you can provide all videos free

    I never forget your contribution to build my career.

  8. When I run the code through command prompt of VS. It is showing 'EmployeeManagement'. It is not showing 'dotnet'. I am using core 3.1. Please help me.

  9. What is the difference if I start the app by clicking the "IIS Express" button or by clicking debug and then start without debugging ?

  10. Following along in 2020 with VS 2017. I get an error: warning MSB3026: Could not copy "objDebugnetcoreapp2.2EmployeeManagement.dll" to "binDebugnetcoreapp2.2EmployeeManagement.dll". If I shut down Visual Studio then Kestrel runs fine, but can only have command line version or Visual Studio version running at a time not both.

  11. Hi, I'm using vs 2019 with .net core 3.1. After running 'dotnet run' command on cli I get my project name as process name.
    Is this due to some changes in version 3.1 ?

  12. A question though, if In Process hosting uses IIS, does that mean the cross platform capability is only available for Out of Process hosting?

  13. What happens for "out of process" now is that when you execute "dotnet run", it builds your project (if you've made any changes) and then executes <Your project folder>binDebugnetcoreapp3.1EmployeeManagement.exe, therefore the process name is EmployeeManagement.

    To verify, follow these steps:

    1. Execute "dotnet run" as instructed by venkat.

    2. Open your Windows Task Manager, you will find EmployeeManagement.exe in there.

    3. Right-click EmployeeManagement.exe and select "Open File Location". You will be brought to the foler where EmployeeManagement.exe sits in.

    4. Ctrl-C out of dotnet run, and then manually execute EmployeeManagement.exe instead. Your will see the same messages shown in the console as when you executed "dotnet run", and then you can browse to localhost:5000 again.

  14. When you launch the page at 8:40 it displays 'dotnet'. But for me, it displays 'EmployeeManagement'. What have I done wrong?

  15. @kudvenkat It seems to be something strange in VS2019. When we use OutOfProcess then "System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName" is giving name of the project instead of "dotnet".

  16. Hi Sir, First up all thanks for this web series, you helped me a lot. I have a small question for this video. Since InProcess hosting uses IIS which is only in windows. So if we have to run ASP dot NET Core in other O.S we have to use OutOfProcess hosting?

  17. Hi Kudvenkat,

    I have one question , Can anybody please help me, What is the thing that makes .net core cross platform that does not have to the .net previous version.

    Please suggest your answers anybody.


  18. FINALLY, a series that actually explains ASP.NET core and not just follow these steps with no explanation of why. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent before I found this one. Good job. Very useful information.

  19. In 3.0 the HostingModel is by default InProcess. In 2.2 I liked it, because it was there explicitly but now I cannot find where it is, or I have to write it myself.

  20. Hello Sir this tutorial helps a lot me, but when creating a project and follow your steps then HTTPS page shown a projec Name instead of showing dotnet extension.

  21. Hi. My aspnet core webapp is printing iisexpress without putting that line <AspNetCoreHostingModel>InProcess</AspNetCoreHostingModel>

    And when i run it with dotnet run the output is the name of the application, wich in my case is WebApplication2

  22. So broi how can we publish an core website ? should we buy azure ? amazon ? why cannot publish as a casual website ? should we open our own hosting firm ? how should we publish to an using hosting service? not possible should we buy vps ? btw you are a gr8 teacher since 2010s

  23. Hi venkat, When i tried to execute the above method in visual studio 2017. I am getting the Dot net as an output not an IIS express. Could you please tell me why?

  24. Hello Venkat SIr, I gave a system configuration inprocess and while running I can see display output as 'dotnet'. What all changes i need to do to see the iisexpress where core has been hosted.

  25. I tried in VS2019 community edition to run the project in CLI, but in http://localhost:5000 displays the name of the project "EmployeeManagement" not the "dotnet". Why?

  26. Hello Venkat, in .net core 3 the name of the out of process hosting model changed to the name of the project, not 'dotnet', why? So if your project is called WebApplication1, then that's the name of the process.

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