17 thoughts on “AWS Amplify Video Livestreaming and Video on Demand

  1. i follow all steps and i did 4 times…but aws .exportvideo.js file not created in my react app folder….and when i run amplify push command…all are run perfectly media endpoints also created but ….what u get message finally overwrite in src/ aws.videoexport.js …i didnt get message …what issue…were i did mistake..please clarify

  2. Thanks for uploading this. I'm trying to update a Photobook app with video, and I"ll be taking your suggestions when I do it 🙂

  3. When I enter amplify video setup-obs command run successfully. But not created OBS directory. How can I resolve this matter?

  4. Thanks for making the video, it's good information! Do you plan to create the other videos that you refer to in this one? If you made them already where are they? Thanks again!

  5. Hey can we stream a webrtc video using the same process? Please answer. My project depends on it. Thanks

  6. Awesome video man dude!
    Q: with Cognito – can you make sure only 1 logged-in viewer is able to see the stream at a time? Kinda like a Pay Per View – log in and see your stream? Or would that be on the application logic side?
    Q2: Can Amplify use chrome cast – or some way to hook it up to your TV?
    Thank you for the in-depth video.

  7. This is very helpful, I have a question regarding livestream, how can I create a unique live stream say, unique per user? Do i have to create 1 inputs per user? Or is there a way to create 1 input but dynamics?

  8. Thank you for trailblazing with this tech, not many videos yet on using amplify to build a video platform. Very useful info.

  9. When I run amplify push (10:29 ish) my terminal responds with "An error occured during the push operation: No updates are to be performed". I have tried to google this with no luck. Do you know why this could be? Thank you!

  10. This is great. Reason you would want to get into expensive AWS video over let's say vimeo or youtube is the automation with analytics. E.g. netflix keeps reminding me to complete the half watched movie. If you could create some tutorial on that then it would be awsome. TYIA

  11. Hi, i am trying to follow the video to create a video on demand solution … however, i have a strange issue … the input & output S3 buckets are not getting created at all !!
    Any pointers to debug what i am doing wrong ??

    The versions i am using
    @aws-amplify/[email protected]
    [email protected]

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