12 thoughts on “AWS Case Study: McDonald's Home Delivery

  1. I love his accent, which means it doesnt really matter. i could focus on your job what you've done and that was very impressive. makes me going to order a burger this evening 😀

  2. In the event that you need to gain $150 worth of McDonald's meals you have to visit: FReeBURGER. me . (search without gaps), for me, it is Ravishing.

  3. What a pitty, that AWS has no service for voice replacement. Imagine we could replace every "right" with the word "burger", that would be fun;-)

  4. He's doing an awesome job, preseting with a really nice storytelling about a complex subject and all you guys see is problems in his accent or math aproximation . Gimme a break dudes…

  5. great video, but it might help to put subtitle (not the auto-generated one) for foreign viewers. The dialect makes it a little bit harder to catch up for non-English speaker.

  6. 3:31 "250 to 500k transactions per hour translates to about 20k transactions per sec"? Something's wrong with math…

  7. If i can get one burger for each time he says Right then i don't have to go to work for couple of years :). Good presentation by the way.

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