AWS Cost Calculation - EC2 -  Video 1 of 5

AWS Cost Calculation – EC2 – Video 1 of 5

This video is specifically for the new Startups CEOs who are new to AWS and want to get an idea of how much it would cost them to host their app or website backend on aws.

Cost Calculator for AWS:

12 thoughts on “AWS Cost Calculation – EC2 – Video 1 of 5

  1. Hi Sir. I am a student and I am keen on learning about the monthly costs. May I know what is the internal formula that is used to calculate the monthly cost for an ec2 instance.

  2. Hello sir… I want to make a website similar to YouTube …where to host my videos for unlimited times of views… Or there is none i neeed to get my own hardware ??

  3. One sure-fire way to lower your AWS/EC2 bill is to avoid running what doesn’t need to be running.

    Take a good look at the resources in your AWS account(s).
    Classify your resources as: needed always, needed sometimes, never needed

    Never Needed

    Once you have this classification, then your first step is to eliminate those resources that were classified as “never needed”.

    For example, you may have zombie EBS volumes. These are unattached EBS volumes, doing nothing but wasting your money. You should create EBS snapshots of these EBS volume then delete them since the cost of an EBS snapshot is cheaper than the cost of an EBS volume.

  4. i want to know one particular server completely.. please help in this regard that how i calculate one complete EC2 instance.. e.g XXL24i server machine

  5. Hello, im using AWS free tier account to host my website, if i add another instance to run another web site how much it will cost me ??

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