AWS Fargate - Running Dockerized Apps

AWS Fargate – Running Dockerized Apps

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AWS Fargate – Running Dockerized Apps
In this course, we discuss how to run a highly available dockerized application on AWS Fargate.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (02:02) Running the application locally
⌨️ (08:11) Provisioning resources on AWS
⌨️ (12:01) Configuring the virtual network to run the application
⌨️ (19:53) Configuring ECS + Fargate and Application Load Balancer
⌨️ (40:42) Testing the application
⌨️ (42:06) Setting up continuous delivery with AWS CodePipeline

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21 thoughts on “AWS Fargate – Running Dockerized Apps

  1. I can't believe I have finally understood ecs, fargate, vpc, load balancer, pipeline all in one video!! I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon this video.. no one has ever managed to make these concepts clear!!! Thanks a bunch!! Just keep going and keep posting such elaborate, amazing videos.. I don't think you even realise how much of a difference u make helping people understand concepts!! Feeling greatful!!and again a big thank you👍

  2. Awesome way to spend the day. I ran into a rate limiting issue at the end while pulling the image from dockerhub. Otherwise, is there a video that shows how to deploy multiple services that are in a compose file.

  3. I love how simple you have made the application to follow through and showing each step unlike most tutorials I have been through to get here

  4. When he creates the cluster, he selects the options “Create a new VPC”. Doing that does not make any sense and it is not needed at all. You have already created a VPC to use for the cluster, why creating another one? The number of VPCs available in your AWS account are limited, so you should not create them if you do not need them (in the minute 25:26 you see there’s another VPC)

  5. I think Fargate does not run your Dockerfile, it only takes the already created image from the ECR and spin it up in a new instance. So the reason why you’re container fails to spin up cannot be that. Maybe you need the NAT gateway to access the ECR from inside AWS, but not for the reasons mentioned in the video.

  6. One thing I didn't understand. You first created a VPC named myvpc but why did you create another VPC while creating the cluster. Can you please explain it. Great tutorial though.

  7. Great video! What can I replace the costly NAT Gateway with to leave my app operational at a low cost? Any help appreciated!

  8. How you figured out these 5,208 steps is mind blowing 🤯

    I am not needing any inbound traffic, as the container is just a cron job that needs outbound traffic with a static ip (whitelisted by third party service).
    Feeling more confident that I can get this to work after watching this, thank you 🙏🏻
    You are a genius.

  9. At around 50:40ish where you are putting "name":<TASK_DEFINITION_NAME>. My deployment failed when I put task definition, however when I put container name in there. it worked. Just hoping it will save someone's time. Thanks.

  10. Sir , you did not created a Autoscaling group in the SERVICE , but still the tasks were launch from 1 to 2 Automatically. HOW ?

  11. Man you have explained everything that I wanted and you explained everything precisely.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Very well explained with confidence, appreciate you taking time to share the knowledge, cheers !!!

  13. The deployment stage in Pipeline fails initially and to make it work with a Retry I have to go first to the ECS Service, Update Service and check the option: Force new deployment, after doing this I then retry deploy in Pipeline and it deploys perfectly even though I still get this error: The AWS ECS container myTask does not exist, myTask is the name of my task definition in ECS. Anyone knows why is this happening?

  14. followed it all the way and completed!!. absolutely great lab!. I have been seeing a lot of your vids!!. thanks!!

  15. Finally a good tutorial thank you so much , but If i want to deploy multiple applications in the same ecs cluster , how to configure one load balancer for all services ?

  16. Yeah, brought a lot of concepts I was struggling to put together, together. Thanks man .. and damn, that's a lot to digest.

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