32 thoughts on “AWS IAM Tutorial | Identity And Access Management (IAM) | AWS Training Videos | Edureka

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  2. 1:20 Why do we need Access Management?
    3:14 What is IAM?
    4:44 Components of IAM
    28:43 Multi Factor Authentication
    35:21 Hands-on

  3. So basically policies get attached to users, groups, and roles. Roles only get attached to AWS service such as EC2 instance.

  4. I was struggling on where to start on IAM and this video gave me a great way to start. Thank you Hemant.

  5. Dear Sir
    You cleared IAM in a very easy and best way though slides and demo and all these things make it too easy to understand.

    Thank you Hemant Sir

  6. Hemant is the best instructor of edureka so far….. His guides are clear , to the point and provides enough hands on demos….

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