10 thoughts on “AWS KC Videos: How do I redirect (apex) domain to my website hosted on EC2 in AWS?

  1. I wrote an in-depth article after struggling with this but instead of EC2 with S3. My setup is a private S3 bucket to Cloudfront and even has HTTPS. Redirects to WWW and everything. https://medium.com/@kylecalicast/production-level-static-sites-in-aws-39573c9bf4d5

  2. It is not uncommon for DNS providers to have ALIAS at the apex to solve this problem. I realize it is not RFC compliant but goddamn it would make everyone's life a lot easier.

  3. Your S3 bucket was empty, so how does www.behnaz.com.au is showing content(Welcome to AWS Knowledge center) ?

  4. Using DynDNS all you have to do is go to your Hosted Domain's DNS settings – Services -Http Redirect Service – Redirect URL – enter URL – Done. No fee associated with this.

    AWS seems a lot more complicated for something that other DNS hosting services offer in a much simpler manner and for free. Hell, even GoDaddy does this…

  5. This solution works great. Thanks!
    My website uses HTTPS and we have a HTTP to HTTPS redirect (301) setup in Application Load Balancer so I used HTTP protocol in S3 bucket properties. Didn't have to use CloudFront.

  6. No dropdown in route 53 -> "s3 website endpoints – No Targets Available". A lot of people have this problem.

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