AWS – Lightsail DEMO – Simple Billing & Hosting a Website on AWS

AWS – Lightsail DEMO – Simple Billing & Hosting a Website on AWS

– What is AWS Lightsail?
– Using Lightsail for simple POC.
– How does billing / pricing work on Lightsail?
– How to create Lightsail and host a website on AWS?


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10 thoughts on “AWS – Lightsail DEMO – Simple Billing & Hosting a Website on AWS

  1. Please help is that means this all plan prices are fixed? They not charged if we not cross fix amount of transfer data?

  2. Thanks for the great explanation as always. Is it possible to host a java application through lightsail? Is it possible to setup cloudfront distribution for a lightsail application?

  3. Wow thanks man very informative may God keep you happy plz make more videos on lightsail that why it is better than ec2 i want to make a presentation for my company that why lightsail is better then ec2 currently we are using ec2 …..subscribed and liked for making such a nice video 🙂

  4. The video is awesome. Please put some light on SSL implementation on ELB & ALB and a video tutorial for ECS it will be very appreciable

  5. hey your video is awsome but im unable to copy html file source code in light sail terminal could you please help me out in this ?????

  6. Great video – I created a LAMP stack instance on LightSail but not sure how to connect to the MySQL database with either phpmyadmin or heidiSQL or MySQL Workbench – any ideas? Thanks Jonathan

  7. Thank you for the video. Question: Amazon is the Registar of my wordpress website and I have since migrated the entire site over to an EC2 instance. How do I use this to host the site? currently the site is also hosted by Also, is there a CPanel option on AWS?

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