AWS Lightsail for Beginners - How to setup Plesk Hosting for WebSites

AWS Lightsail for Beginners – How to setup Plesk Hosting for WebSites

In this Episode of AWS Lightsail for Beginners I’ll walk you through on how to setup Plesk Hosting using the Lightsail Plesk Hosting Stack for Ubuntu. This was recently introduced and so I show you how to setup your own Plesk Hosting to host multiple WordPress websites. Enjoy. If you find this video useful consider subscribing, sharing with others and hitting that like button!

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25 thoughts on “AWS Lightsail for Beginners – How to setup Plesk Hosting for WebSites

  1. Why do you not recommend using or setting up email on the server? Do you have a video on setting up a business email?

  2. Thx for this..
    the only issue i have is FTP>> i cannot FTP to the plesk lightsail aws server. I can login using the ubuntu to ftp and can navigate to the vhosts folder for my plesk domain, but then permissions fall apart thereafter. I have scoured plesk and aws support, but cannot find a solution. Do you know how to ftp upload to the domain?

  3. Hello Mukesh I need some help.
    I am using plesk for one wordpress website and as you said I should use bitnami wordpress stack.
    I am using plesk only so that it becomes non technical I can easily manipulate files.
    I am thinking plesk instance is taking much resources as i see nginx and apache both are installed. How can i optimize plesk( like the way you told to turn off mail server resources as i am using zoho for mail ),so that it can handle traffic.
    Also I am having issues with updating plesk as it is giving some errors that needs to be solved through cmd.
    Where i should install wordpress which is best for me bitnami/plesk/or some other control panel.

  4. Hi Mukesh,
    Thank you for your video. If I have more than 3 websites, Lightsail Plex won't work like you said.
    What are my options? Let's say I want to host 10 low traffic websites with Amazon Lightsail, 5 wordpress sites and 5 Non-wordpress sites.
    What should I use instead of plex?
    There are other lightsail instances OS only like Amazon Linux 2018, Ubuntu. Do you think it will handle multiple sites with those instances?
    Thank you!

  5. What happens when we create a wordpress instance?
    Are all softwares i.e apache,mysql db etc installed automatically behind.
    And what differs when we use plesk instance, is it that i would have control over mysql db through gui
    I just want to host a single domain/ website
    What's better?

  6. Hello mukesh thanks for this video
    Love from India
    I have a question that is traditional web hosting provider better than aws lightsail
    As they provide cpanel,ssl certificate,daily backups, unlimited data transfer in same plan which aws lightsail lacks. as there are extra charges for snapshots,exceeded data transfers
    I get that lightsail is highly available with many distributed datacenters
    What's your say on this?

  7. Mukesh you're the best bro. This video helped me so much setup Plesk and tun my Laravel web app on it like a baws!

  8. I attached public IP – "XXXXXX" to the instance but after installation its show in plesk panel – something else like initial IP when we create the instance – IP = "YYYYYYYY" , plz help

  9. Hi Mukesh, this is really helpful! I just launch my website but it open up slow when I just type URL and arrive at homepage. Will buy a plan that has better CPU and RAM make my homepage shows up much faster?

  10. Hi Mukesh. Thanks for the video! I set up my Plesk server the same way, but I have two concerns:

    1. Auto SSL cert renewal – will this work? It seems that Plesk manages the _acme-challenge TXT record automatically to ensure renewal.
    2. Emails – I want to get email working through this server because I leverage email forwarders quite a bit. I can't figure out the MX DNS management. Do you have any recommendations or further tutorials on this?

    Thanks again – great walkthrough.

  11. if your registrar allows you to create custom name servers, and u only get 1 ip with the instance you select, you dont need to add anything to the Name Servers section. setup custom name servers @ your registrar. ns1, and ns2 set to the same IP. Plesk will manage the DNS.

  12. After Installation, Whenever I try the URL to login wp, it appears the username password popup which doesn't match from the wp-login details. Where can I get the password so that I don't have to go to Plesk every time I login WordPress?

  13. Your video will be a great help for beginners. To me too.

    I created a Plesk instance according to the video but the Plesk login page is not loaded on the link issued as 'sudo plesk login' and an 'ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT' error message is displayed.

    I tried creating a new instance several times, but unfortunately I couldn't proceed anymore with the same problem.

    I'm looking for a solution.

    Thank you for always.

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