AWS - MAKE a Static Website with SSL - Stepy by Step

AWS – MAKE a Static Website with SSL – Stepy by Step

In this AWS Tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a static website using AWS S3 bucket. You’ll learn about Creating a bucket, creating a policy, using AWS Route53, AWS Cloudfront and AWS Certificate Manager.

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0:41 Creating an S3 Bucket
2:41 Making your AWS Static website Publicly Available
3:08 Create an S3 Bucket Policy
5:37 AWS Route53
5:52 DNS management
7:39 AWS CloudFront
9:14 AWS SSL Certificate
12:54 Creating an S3 bucket with www
14:49 How to check if your Name servers have propagated

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7 thoughts on “AWS – MAKE a Static Website with SSL – Stepy by Step

  1. The Custom SSL Certificate option is disabled for me, is there an option I have to enable before I can select that?

  2. Followed exactly the instruction and the is working with https. However, if I key in then it there is an error. Any idea what is wrong?

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