33 thoughts on “AWS Route 53 Domain Name Setup | Configuring DNS with AWS Route53

  1. Get Full Terraform Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_OdF9Z6GmVayanQ4cjISqY_UkrOcZtr1

  2. Bro.. mera help kardo..please
    Maine Route53 se hi liya hai Domain name and nano instance chal ra hai.. ab link nahi hopaara.. mere main koi load balancer nahi hai..

  3. Hi sir unable to perform the lab as the version of Route 53 I am getting is different than the one above. Can you kindly advice how to switch to this version of the Route 53.

  4. I am using lightsail instance and aws registered domain. when i try to send mails from workmail to gmail, Its getting received, but when tried to giv reply from gmail, its getting bounced and showing that the "because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail."

  5. This is the error I get any suggestions?
    This site can’t be reachedwww.dchrisostomo.com’s server IP address could not be found.

    Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


  6. After adding Route53 nameserver into DNS setting of Godaddy account, how much time it will take to working website.

  7. Hi great video explanation ..I can reach the website using Load balancer URL – but domain is still gives me and error ..


    can you help?

  8. it feels like, you don want to explain but still doing it, just to upload a video. Zero interest video.

  9. How am gonna follow along when I do NOT have a godaddy account or that my domain is not hosted yet, it's only registered, I need to know how to create a damned CNAME! Like it needs to be done like yesterday.. But I can't find how to create a CNAME in AWS for G-Suite… Please help

  10. Hey, mails accounts associated to the domain created in hosted zone are not working. Can you help me with this?

  11. intention is good but …presentation and explanantion is totally bad very bad…hope you can improve and reupload this video…voice is bad and no clarity

  12. Really bad bad sound. Accent of present is bad enough, with terrible sound almost impossible to follow.
    Bad preparattion…. trying to create stuff, oh it is here already….

  13. u r explained domain name setup in route53 but directly open godaddy without explaining starting process in godaddy i didnt see titles like records ,name servers in godaady site whwn i opened u hav to explain full procedure in godaddy also

  14. why didnt you put A record for ezaws.xyz domain. isnt it required? you directly put alias record for elb without A record for ezaws.xyz. and what if somebody type www.ezaws.xyz ?

  15. I can buy the domain from the aws and create the record set. When i can go on test record set it will be worked properly. and when the domain enters into the browser it will generate error. In cmd it will show NXDOMAIN

  16. I added A record on Route 53 and did not create Load Balancer, what could cause why the domain is still down?

  17. hey i am configuring my aws in tomcat 8080 port , i did my set up as per your video , but my load balance showing out of service, ,even if i am waiting 1 day also. can you give any suggestions.

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