AWS tutorial-Part37:Lab13 | Hosting a webpage in EC2

AWS tutorial-Part37:Lab13 | Hosting a webpage in EC2

37th video of AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam series by SaMtheCloudGuy.

Hosting a webpage in EC2

More videos coming soon.

16 thoughts on “AWS tutorial-Part37:Lab13 | Hosting a webpage in EC2

  1. While doing installation putty in my pc it shows error
    This app can’t run on your pc
    To find a version for your pc, check with the software publisher
    Why am getting this type of error message

  2. Hi Sam, i followed this video and launched linux with all configuration but when trying to install update with Yam command it gives yam command not found, can you guide if something need to change in configuration

  3. Hi Sir , nice video . every time am facing the issue like when login to server using putty , Network time out issue is coming . how to resolve this ?

  4. Hello I got the error while launching the putty showing as disconnected:No supported authentication methods available (server sent publickey )

    Pls help me

  5. Very informative, first time I could launch my webpage with the help of this video. (SaM, just only one thing you missed, to load Linux PPK file in the putty configuration. I could do it anyways).

  6. I heard on your videos about jayindrapatil blog if have to follow his blog do I have to pay anything for his blog..can u please guide me please thank u so much..

  7. Hi sir I have a doubt like I'm preparing for AWS Solution Architect that ur videos are sufficient for the certification…do I have take any online course

  8. Hi
    Very informative videos, thanks, is it possible to show the WordPress installation and build a website using Linux and Windows?

  9. Hi do have a lab of hosting it on Windows server? I have no competent skillset for linux as majority of my work in is on Win servers also how important is it to have good command over linux for AWS solutions architect certification ?

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