AWS vs Azure – What Should I learn in 2020? | Difference Between AWS and Azure | Intellipaat

AWS vs Azure – What Should I learn in 2020? | Difference Between AWS and Azure | Intellipaat

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Intellipaat’s AWS vs Azure will tell you how these cloud technologies are same yet different from each other. This video can be helpful for people who are trying to migrate to and from AWS and Azure. Towards the end, we will discuss the job roles in both of the cloud services. This video is ideal for those who want to become the master of all trades in the cloud computing world!

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🔥Following are the topics covered in this video:
Brief of AWS – 0:40
Brief of Azure – 0:55
Establishment Factor – 1:08
Availability Zones in both – 1:47
Market Share – 2:18
Popularity – 2:42
Who’s using them? – 3:53
Services Provided -4:34
Open-Source Integration – 5:22
Pricing Models – 6:06
Discussing job roles in both – 6:57
Who is the winner? – 10:02

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Why and who should watch this AWS vs Azure short video?

AWS and Azure are two trending cloud giants in the IT industry. AWS is an on-demand cloud computing services in the industry, on the other hand, demand for Azure is continuously increasing day by day, there might be a question in your mind like which cloud computing is better and which one to choose – AWS or Azure? or which one should I learn first – AWS or Azure? well, this is just the right video for you to clear all your doubts in this regards.

Why AWS is important?

There are various upcoming companies who have leveraged AWS cloud solutions for their growth. AWS was the first company which started to provide cloud solutions on a large scale. It has consistently grown and developed itself to be at the top today. It is ranked as the foremost cloud provider by Gartner in terms of completeness of vision and ability to execute. The Intellipaat complete Amazon web services for beginners tutorial is easy to understand, has real world AWS examples and thus makes you understand why AWS is so important and why you should go for an AWS career.

Why Azure is important?

Cloud computing has grown massively and is poised to grow likewise and on-premise infrastructure will essentially have no future. A few vital players have developed in the cloud computing circle, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), computing behemoth IBM, and Apple’s omnipresent iCloud. With such alternatives, why are organizations like 3M, BMW, Sapient Consulting, Bentley Systems, and GE moving workloads to Microsoft Azure.? You will learn the reasons. The Intellipaat Azure cloud tutorial is easy to understand, has real world Azure examples and thus makes you understand why Azure is so important and why you should go for a Azure career.

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29 thoughts on “AWS vs Azure – What Should I learn in 2020? | Difference Between AWS and Azure | Intellipaat

  1. Got a question on AWS vs Azure ? Do write it in the comment and you will get a response immediately by our expert. For AWS or Azure training & certification, call us at US: 1800-216-8930 (Toll Free) or India: +917022374614. You can also write us at [email protected]

  2. We've 13Years of experience in Mainframes, Certification completed for GCP associate Engineer and Scrum Master l. Which is best in cloud if we want move or change the career.

  3. Hi
    I'm from Non-IT background with 12yrs of exp in banking domain, wanted to shift my career into IT industry. Please suggest

  4. Hello sir I'm a BCA student my last year exam in not done yet because of lockdown. And now I want to go of cloud computing so please suggest me which one should I start for my career. thank you Sir you explain so well.

  5. Hi Team , i am a wintel admin and i am looking forward to jump into cloud please provide me a guide suggestion which i have to chose aws or azure.

  6. Hi Team,
    I am from a Network background having experience around 3 years in Networking.
    Now i am eyeing towards any courses in cloud computing.(aws preffered)
    So what aws course/certification will help me get into Cloud domain.
    Can u please help me out with this.
    If possible please arrange a call so i can discuss with your team.
    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you.

  7. M interstd in learning aws.. but i am little confused from where should i start? And do we need any experience before starting any aws certification.

  8. I quit my job 2 years back . I worked as a VMware admin. Now I want to restart my career so could you please suggest me any course

  9. Hi Team I have 5+ years of experience on weblogic Admin so please suggest me ,which one to choose. Aws or Azure….
    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi, i am working on SAP as a techno functional consultant with a retail background, i want to learn cloud computing…what should i choose? AWS or AZURE?

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  12. I am QA Engineer with 8yrs exp, can you suggest which one is better AWS or Azure if I move to cloud, also if I should take developer or architect, Thank You for the help in advance

  13. What I understood is that if you have 10+ years experience in Dot net or already using Microsoft technologies ( dot net, SharePoint etc ) then go with Azure as your clients are already using Microsoft products so they won't hesitate to add its own cloud . But if you are not bound with such things then go with AWS

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