35 thoughts on “AZ-900 Episode 11 | Azure Storage Services | Blob, Queue, Table, Files, Disk and Storage Tiers

  1. Dear folks. Please note for clarity sake, during the presentation I oversimplified the comparison between BLOB and File Storage. They are both file storage services but BLOB has TONS and TONS of features for programming applications which need file storage capability where File Storage service is very simple and only purpose is Share Drive connectivity. As such for 95%+ of cases use BLOB.

  2. Hi Adam, thanks for the video, looks like the UI has changed for while creating 'Storage Accounts' in the current UI there is only 'Performance' 'Redundancy'

  3. Hej, super wyczerpujące materiały :D. Zdradzisz czego używasz do tworzenia tych animowanych prezentacji? Pozdrawiam.

  4. Thank you Adam, the content was excellent and very clear. Much Appreciated !!! . A quick info for AZure SQL DWH since it's a structured data which is the storage used and the format in which data is stored ? I understood table storage is used for storing semi-structured data. can you please clarify

  5. Hi Adam, in Private cloud while setting the security in Azure File Storage, Can you help that we have to add a distribution list or a email group?

  6. This is the first video i have watched of urs n guess wat u got a new subscriber… will clear my doubts here on

  7. Hi Adam – Im struggling to get the File Share to work on my local machine. I copied your steps but it doesn't show up? Port 445 is listening… any ideas?

  8. Hello Adam. Hope you're doing well. Just joined Microsoft recently as CSA and your videos are helping me along to dive deeper into the topics. Thanks

  9. The way you say shows how much you know + slides, animation and on hands examples, this has been very unique! Congratulations Adam

  10. Hi Adam. Really brilliant videos. Regarding content in the section starting from 5:18, azure table storage, is it correct to say that it is meant for semi structured data? My understanding is that azure table storage is a key value type of nosql database meant for structured data. Please can you advise.

  11. Is All Azure Storage type considered as IAAS or PAAS ? in earlier videos you categorize that Storage & VM are part of IAAS? I would appreciate if you could clear the confusion -:)

  12. Your videos helped me to have better understanding for fundamentals and cleared the AZ900 Fundamentals exam today!

  13. I copy-pasted the script of fileshare to the terminal (on MacOS 11.2) but it says "could not find mount point /User/xxx/demoshare: no such file or directory". What could be the problem and how can I fix it? Thanks!

  14. Hi, Adam really appreciates your work. usually, it's hard on the internet from where to start for beginners…. but you made this easy and all in order. Thank you for all this.

  15. Hi Adam,
    Thanks much for your vedios 👌👌👌. These videos are simply super. The way you teach us really nice. We are really lucky to get your video suggestions. I just cleared my exam just by going through all these videos.
    Thanks a lot for your brilliant work.

  16. GOLD.




  17. Is it possible to do a mass upload to the demo table instead of having to add row by row?

    Great video!

  18. Thanks Adam. The way that you explain is very understandable. Just a question: I want to use data from a large SQL server to run some data science and ML model in azure. Do I still need any of these storages or instead of having an storage account just use the SQL database in azure?

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