Azure App Service (Web Apps) Tutorial

Azure App Service (Web Apps) Tutorial

Web development is beating heart of cloud applications. Azure Web Apps on App Service is one of key compute services which streamlines development and maintenance of web applications. It is powerful Platform as a Service offering with many of security and DevOps features.

In this video I will cover basics of App Service and show quick demo where I deploy small MVC dotnet core application into Azure.

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Next steps for you after watching the video
1. Check app service docs
2. Check online modules
3. Read Azure Jumpstart if you want to start with Azure and need a subscription

See you next time!

36 thoughts on “Azure App Service (Web Apps) Tutorial

  1. Your videos are strait to point. Love them. I not even see such a great videos even from Microsoft Friday Lunch videos. Thanks much !. Can you please make one video on Authorization of applications and how do we call other APIs from app service with security consideration while calling the APIs. Please Adam !

  2. Great Adam, Decision diagram on when to choose app service is awesome. Since in Azure for every functionality multiple options/services are available the way how you mentioned in the diagram. Similarly for Data Store also SQL DB, Cosmos DB, SQL DW, …etc Like this if yoiu can include this kind of diagram in each of your video. That is really GREAT. Thanks once again Adam.

  3. Hi , my project does not show pictures when is being deployed but when I run it local it does show them, what can cause that?

  4. Hello Adam!
    Im looking for a good solution to host my clients wordpress sites, they are small costumers with very very low reqiurements. I found AWS had a shared linux instance for 3,5dollar/month. Is there anything equalivent in Azure? Seems like App services is going prty high in price.

  5. As always Great sharing Adam…Thanks.
    One question : I need to convert App plan of Lower environment(specifically in dev) App Services to Shared Point for cost savings from S1 to D1 using ARM template, since two App services are already there which have been created/configured using ARM template. So, what modifications needs to be done and where to Downgrade from: S1 to D1 only in Dev and to ensure in Prod, that it is still S1 .
    Awaiting for your valuable reply on the same. Thanks in advance!!

  6. Hi, you explained really good.

    I have performed the similar procedure to deploy my Vue.js app after creating a build. But after sucessful deployment it is not opening up my webpage but showing this message: "Hey, Node developers! Your app service is up and running. Time to take the next step and deploy your code".

    Can you please guide?

  7. is this the right choice to move from VM to App service if my web app has 100K users traffic daily ?..Nice video

  8. Hi Adam could you please make a video on virtual networks/networking in azure or how subnet, nsg or cidr works?

  9. Hey Adam thanks for the video what I like about this, you explained simple and better than the Microsoft documentations.

  10. Great Video. Just some question for my understanding. What happened, if I want to scale it out. (the web app that you showed), would I still be hosting in App Services? Also what is the situation when I should be containerized the web application when it is hosted.

  11. What is the main difference between Virtual applications and directories & deployment slot (Based on my understanding deployment slot : easier to swap between stage & prodn without downtime, traffic percentage allocation) is there any facility to keep the existing app settings as is in stage as well as prodn only code changes can be swapped (slot settings can't be seen)

  12. Realy a nice channel, concise and time-optimized video (all things planed/prepared for the video to avoid being innecessary long; fast forwarding the video in the empy parts, etc).
    👏 👏 👏
    A contend-rich video like this would have taken more than an hour in others well known .Net youtubers. 😉😉

  13. You are brilliant. I am new to Azure platform and your video is helping me a lot. just one quick question – How to connect to my database(mysql) with my node js app. Thanks

  14. Great video, Adam. Thanks for sharing. I have a question: how can I apply roles to my web app? Meaning: Different users log in to my app and I want each user group see and access only certain webpages. How can I implement role access? Thanks!

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