Azure AZ-104 Ep-26 App Service Plans

Azure AZ-104 Ep-26 App Service Plans

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3): VMware

Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

This video explains about concept of:
What is App Service Plan?
How to configure App Service Plan?
How App Service is integrated with App Service Plan?

In this video series I have explained thoroughly about Azure concept in easy manner in Hindi.

Azure Active Directory Part 1:

Azure Active Directory Part 2: (Azure AD Tenant, Subscription and Directory)

Azure AZ-104 Ep-1 Azure Introduction, What is Azure, what is cloud computing ( In Hindi)

Azure AZ-104 Ep-2 How to create Azure Free account – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-3 Azure Architecture in Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-4 How to create Windows Virtual Machine in Azure – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-5 How to create Linux virtual machine in Azure using SSH public Key Authentication

Azure AZ-104 Ep-6 How to configure Azure Virtual Machine Extensions

Azure AZ-104 Ep-7 Availability Zone and Availability Set

Azure AZ-104 Ep-9 Azure VNET and Subnet creation ( In Hindi)

AZ-104 Ep-10 Azure Service Endpoint – In Hindi

AZ-104 Ep-11 Azure IP addressing, Public IP Vs Private IP, Standard Vs Basic SKU, Static Vs Dynamic

AZ-104 Ep-12 Azure Vnet Peering, Regional and Global VNet Peering, Transit and Remote Gateway -Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-13 Azure VNet to VNet Connection, VPN Gateway, Virtual Network Gateway – In Hindi

AZ-104 Ep-14 Azure Site to Site VPN, Virtual Network Gateway, Azure VPN, Local Network Gateway

Azure AZ-104 EP-15 Azure Point to Site VPN, P2S VPN – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-17 Web Site hosting on Azure windows Virtual machine – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-18 Network Security Group, Part – 1 ( In Hindi)

Azure AZ-104 Ep-19 Network Security Group, NSG, Part-2 ( In Hindi)

Azure AZ-104 Ep-22 Introduction to docker and docker container – step by step tutorial in Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-23 Docker Installation on Linux – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep: 24 Docker installation on Windows OS and container creation

Azure Az-104 Ep-25 How to create container in Azure – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 Ep-26 App Service Plans

Azure AZ-104 Ep:28 App Service Configuration – Step by Step tutorial In Hindi for beginner

Azure AZ-104 Ep-29 App Service Deployment from Deployment center – In Hindi

Azure AZ-104 EP-30 App Services – Custom domain Binding with Web Site – step by step for beginner

Azure Az-104 Ep-31 App Services – SSL binding with Custom Domain

Azure AZ-104 Ep-32 App Services Deployment Slots – In Hindi Step by Step for beginner

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