Azure Cost Management Tutorial

Azure Cost Management Tutorial

In this video, I walk through Azure Cost Management and Billing. I give a tutorial on setting up a budget and spending alerts once certain spending thresholds are reached on a subscription. Next, I review and manage past alerts. After that is a walkthrough analyzing subscription spending trends. Lastly, I give an example of Azure Advisor Recommendations on my subscription.

A list of Azure offers that support Cost Management can be found at:

7 thoughts on “Azure Cost Management Tutorial

  1. Hi travis. Im now using free trial account for azure. And ıf i look at the cost management, its writing 500 dollars. But u know we had 200 dollar for starting time. And still there are 200 dollars from remaining cost. But its showing 500 dollars cost from cost management. What is that you know? Im not pay to go account? Thanks for everything

  2. Hi so in the past I have been billed for the usage of Azure resources that were long since deleted and I was wondering if simply creating a budget would prevent this from happening again?

  3. Travis, could you please create a video on the reserved, spot instances? How would we manage reserve instances? is it the same per region? Is it possible to scale down from one large reserved instance to a couple small ones?

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