30 thoughts on “Azure Files Tutorial | Easy file shares in the cloud

  1. Do you feel the key that is copied when mounting the drive is secure enough? I have a customer that is nervous about having the data in the cloud.

  2. This is awesome Adam … I'm new to Azure Files (and MS Azure for that matter). We are looking to migrate an on-premise file server that has over 4 million files which totals about 4TB of data. It's the typical office share for about 200 users. Do you have any real-world experience as to performance? Since it's going over the Internet (versus LAN), are there speed issues when accessing large files (say a file larger than 20megs)?

    This was a great video, I really enjoyed watching it!

  3. Thanks Adam, it was a great learning on file shares. If possible can you please make a video on 2nd option as well where on-prem files will be syncing up with Azure file share (which needs installation of file sync agent at on-prem).

  4. Good vid although I don't know why you bothered standing up a new VM just to test? Any internet connected computer should be able to connect directly to the SMB share as long as firewall/permissions on the storage account allows it!

  5. Hey Adam

    One thing i haven't fully understood yet is the point of File Sync if you are going to implement it in a hybdrid or cloud only enviroment.
    For example
    – If i have onPrem servers, where costumers are running CAD Applications, why should i Sync over all data to cloud?
    I can see why, if we are talking about backup, but if so. Azure Backup should make more sence woudn't it?

  6. Is there a different between Azure Storage Account files and Azure Files that we are talking about in this video?

  7. Hi Adam – is there a way to sync sharepoint files with azure files so when file or folder created on Sharepoint it auto sync with azure file

  8. Its been so long since I watched one of your videos, it is always good to be back for more, thanks for the awesome contents, you are still the best Adam!

  9. Great video, Thanks! I setup a file share to use between two different VMS. I used an http: connection with a mapped drive. It was slow when using it with a an Access database. Is there a speed or latency difference between connecting with the Azure string or connecting using http:?

  10. Hi Adam! if i want to connect my local machine (No virtual machine) to file shares ¿how i can do it?, i do the same steps, but when i try to connect, my local machine can't reach the azure file share, it works well when i use a vm inside the my virtual network, anycase, i am trying to created a vpn, each user has to connect to the file shares system from home, can you help me? do you have any tutorial about that? i think it i need an azure end point, but how i can connect with my vpn (site to point)?

  11. Can you help me with Azure CLI command
    How to upload file into azure storage share file with command of azure cli?

  12. Watching your videos about Azzure, including this one. Love the way you explain! so simple and easy to understand.

  13. Hello Adam,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Do you have any live video demo plan for labs on you tube?
    I wish to see that one. It would be really better for us. Could you please arrange such plan.

  14. Once again, a wonderful video Adam. Your style of making videos and the animations that you use is commendable. Make it so easy for the viewer to understand the concept. Thanks !

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