Azure Static website

Azure Static website

In this video, I explain why the static websites in Microsoft Azure blob storage are such great news. I then show how to upload our files.

(#cloud5mins – Episode #31)



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4 thoughts on “Azure Static website

  1. Thanks to Carl-Hugo (@CarlHugoM) for your help with those Azure CLI commands.

    az storage blob upload-batch -s "./_site" -d $"web" –account-key GWr04uRhaGYMql6in7nLi+y5Gwz2PCbMDfIKNC5Gnb+/a9FRWa0M3HC7x8o01iyxOXVadSWoURnJ5oGl5k1w== –account-name cloud5mins

    az storage blob upload -f "./_site/index.html" -c $"web" -n index.html –account-key GWr04uRhaGYMql6in7nLi+y5Gwz2PCbMKNC5Gnb+/a9FRWa0M3HC7x8o01iyNOXVadSWoURnJ5oGl5k1w== –acount-name cloud5mins

  2. Hey Frank, Thanks for the demo. But this website will be publicly available right. so how can we make this website private? It would be great if you help me out. Im trying it from days.

  3. Hi Frank, thank you for this video!!. Do you have any video where you explain how to point the static website to a custom domain like I tried but it is telling me to create a CNAME record with my DNS provider and I'm not able to find the accurate information

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