Azure Training | Azure Tutorial | Intellipaat

Azure Training | Azure Tutorial | Intellipaat

🔥Intellipaat Azure training:
👇👇Following topics are covered in this Azure tutorial:👇👇
00:00 – Azure Training
01:34 – Why Azure?
06:43 – What you can do with Azure free account?
13:08 – Average Salary of an Azure Solutions Architect
14:15 – What is Azure Tutorial?
19:05 – Azure Services
26:15 – Demo on Launching a Virtual Machine on Azure cloud
47:45 – Introduction to Cloud Computing
54:02 – Advantages that you get with Cloud Computing
54:55 – Applications or Products of Cloud
57:15 – Cloud Computing Models
01:00:45 – Deployment Models
01:09:10 – Service Models
01:10:56 – Cloud Providers
01:15:50 – Why Microsoft Azure?
01:19:55 – What is Microsoft Azure?
01:20:43 – Azure Core Architecture
01:30:10 – Azure Core Architecture Components
01:33:40 – Azure Resource Manager
01:38:20 – Core Azure Services – Domains
01:45:00 – Core Azure Services – Compute
02:00:13 – Creating a Virtual Machine on Azure
02:24:28 – Core Azure Services – Networking
02:42:30 – Core Azure Services – Storage
02:53:58 – Hands-on: Azure Blob Storage
03:04:35 – Core Azure Services – Database+Analytics
03:18:25 – Core Azure Services – AI + Machine Learning
03:24:12 – Core Azure Services – Identity Services
03:28:00 – Core Azure Services – Management Tools
03:36:10 – Hands-on: Architecting an Application on Azure
04:02:55 – Quiz
04:04:02 – What is Azure DS?
04:06:38 – Features of Azure DNS
04:11:04 – Domain of Azure DNS
04:16:45 – Azure DNS: DNS Zones
04:21:00 – Azure DNS: DNS Records
04:23:15 – Azure DNS: DNS Records Types
04:27:54 – Azure DNS: Registrar
04:28:28 – Azure DNS: Private Domains
04:30:49 – What is Active Directory?
04:37:29 – Before Azure Active Directory?
04:40:09 – After Azure Active Directory?
04:43:20 – Windows Active Directory vs Azure Active Directory
04:43:23 – What is Windows Active Directory?
04:48:06 – Service Audience
04:49:44 – Terminologies in Azure Active Directory
04:53:08 – Adding the Custom Domain in the Azure Active Directory
05:03:30 – Add or Delete users using Azure Active Directory
05:18:24 – Quiz
05:18:46 – What is Virtual Machine?
05:21:58 – What is Azure Virtual Machine?
05:26:16 – Azure VM: Classic and ARM
05:28:00 – Azure VM: Workloads
05:31:58 – Azure VM: Sizing
05:33:33 – Azure VM: ACU
05:35:48 – Azure VM: Disks
05:38:24 – Azure VM: Types of Disks
05:43:08 – Azure VM: Disks used by VMs
05:45:52 – Azure VM: Unmanaged Disks
05:48:26 – Azure VM: Managed Disks
05:52:03 – Implementing Virtual Machines
05:58:08 – Virtual Machine Sizing
06:07:23 – What is Azure Storage?
06:07:44 – Azure Storage: General Purpose v2
06:09:41 – Azure Storage: Pricing
06:10:58 – Azure Storage: Replication
06:11:43 – Azure Storage: Differences
06:12:13 – Azure Storage: Tiers
06:12:51 – Azure Storage: Security
06:14:42 – What is Azure Blob Storage?
06:22:36 – What is Azure File Storage?
06:31:56 – What is Azure Table Storage?
06:33:52 – What is Azure Queue Storage?
07:32:25 – Which Azure Certification to choose?

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