Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Microsoft Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Azure Tutorial | Simplilearn

Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Microsoft Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Azure Tutorial | Simplilearn

This Azure tutorial for beginners will help you understand what is cloud computing, what is Microsoft Azure, what are the services Azure offers, why is Azure better, which companies use Azure and you will also see a use case where we utilize some of the Azure cloud services. Cloud computing refers to the method of using the internet to store data, manage data and process data and Microsoft Azure is on such cloud service provider. It works on the basis of cloud computing. Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud services to build, manage and deploy applications on a network with the help of tools and frameworks. With the vast majority of organizations the world over adopting the cloud, demand for skilled professionals in this field is high. High salaries and a vast range of options for cloud computing experts have made it a sought-after industry for IT professionals. Now, let us get started and understand what is Microsoft Azure and the services that it has got to offer us.

Below topics are explained in this Azure tutorial for beginners:
1. What is cloud computing? (03:23)
2. What is Microsoft Azure? (03:49)
3. What are the services Azure offers?
4. Why is Azure better? (14:08)
5. Which companies use Azure? (1:23:21)
6. Microsoft Azure Demo (1:23:51)

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About Simplilearn Machine Learning course:
Simplilearn’s Developing Microsoft® Azure Solutions (70-532) certification training program is designed to give you mastery in Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud platform. Through demos & practical applications, you’ll learn to design, develop, implement, automate, and monitor resilient and scalable cloud solutions on the Azure platform. The course will enable you to explore Microsoft Azure development environment and Azure platform features and learn development tools, techniques and approaches used to build and deploy cloud apps.

What skills will you learn from this Azure certification training course?

By the end of this Azure certification course, you will be able to:
1. Design and implement Web Apps
2. Create and manage virtual machines
3. Design and implement cloud services
4. Design and implement a storage strategy
5. Manage application and network services

Who should take up this Microsoft Azure certification training course?

This course is an essential requirement for those developers who need a strong understanding of concepts and practices related to cloud app development & deployment. Applicable careers include:
1 .NET Developers
2. Solution Architects/ Team Leads
3. DevOps Engineers / Application Engineers / QA Engineers

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19 thoughts on “Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Microsoft Azure Tutorial For Beginners | Azure Tutorial | Simplilearn

  1. Do you have any questions on this topic? Please share your feedback in the comment section below and we'll have our experts answer it for you. Thanks for watching the video. Cheers!

  2. I have created a web app and Azure SQL DB in my Azure portal and then created a project in Visual Studio using the default template for MVC. After doing so I published my app and it was successfully published. However, in the Server Explorer of Visual Studio there is no database name appearing against the Database Connections. I tried to fix the issue by clicking the configure link in the Publish window and clicked on the Validate Connection button and it was also successful and after that I clicked on Next button to go to the next screen, however, after going to the page, in the database section it was showing 'No databases found in the project'. Please help me to get the database.

  3. Its good and valuable session who get to know about Azure and the available service of Azure.

    My one improvement suggestion would be : it could better if you explained all your examples via picture/diagram more than explain by word.

    that would easy to understand better

    overall all your examples and the way you explained is awesome:) keep up the good work and thanks 🙂

  4. Hi m b com graduate working in b p O.. Even I want to work in I t field so planing to do azure so is there any chance to get job in this field.. M not good at programming language. Is this mandatory to learn pls help me

  5. Thank you for the wonderful video as it has provided great insights to Azure. It would have been better if you could have mapped those theory to live Azure platform to get the feel…

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for very good valuable tutorial on Cloud & Azure.
    If possible can you show me/us how can we use Azure services for non-.Net web applications.

    Happy learning !!!!

  7. Thanks. Great video. The live session is most interesting to me. Could you show more of that, so applying various services of Azure? Best regards

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