Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Tutorial | Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) intro

Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Tutorial | Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) intro

Virtual Machines are beating heart and a core component of any cloud. With wide range of use cases and flexibility of virtualizing most of commonly known operating systems it is possible to move pretty much any software to the cloud.

In this episode I give you introduction to what Azure Virtual Machine service is and what are the key concepts around it. This video also shows what are the Virtual Machine components, how to they relate to each other and how can Azure help you build highly scalable and highly available solutions.

In this episodes live demo of
– Creating Virtual Machines using Azure Portal
– Connecting to Windows Virtual Machine using RDP and Remote Desktop Connection Manager
– Creating Virtual Machines using Azure CLI
– Connecting to Linux Virtual Machine SSH
– Integrating with Key Vault
– Configuring VMs using extensions
– Updating Network Security Groups
– Managing Disks for Virtual Machine

Source code:

Next steps for you after watching the video
1. Virtual Machines documentation

2. Availability options

3. Spot instances

4. Disks

5. Ultra SSDs

6. Managed disks

7. Virtual Networks

8. Security Groups

9. Accelerated networking

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34 thoughts on “Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Tutorial | Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) intro

  1. Well prepared and presented; I learned how to setup VM in Azure. Your training helps prepare me to become Azure Admin

  2. Hi Adam, Can we create VM in different location ? (Means, Resource group in one location and VM in different location)

  3. Adam, thanks for great videos!

    Could you please help me to figure out why I can't curl on a linux VM which has been deployed in the way you showed? I wanted to install Node.js following these instructions:

  4. Adam, Thanks for the great video. I am one of your follower. When i am starting the cloud computing learnings it hard to understand the basics. Especially this topic covers Network security group, VPN, Subnet everything in details. One picture it explains clearly, i am able to visualize how the VM are connected to NSG. Thanks a lot and keep posting a new videos. Keep up the good work adam.

  5. Can we access the VM using RDP if we don''t select the inbound port – RDP(3389) while creating VM? Also as a free subscription, i don't see the RDP(3389) port option in drop down while creating the VM.

  6. The error message while trying to open Virtual machine: The credential that were used to connect <ipaddress> did not connect. I follow your instructions step by step but its getting error out. Could you help me.I am using free subscription with windows OS.

  7. Great intro video! I've been trying to find information regarding cloud computing on Microsoft and AWS too. Just wondering whether this would be a good option for installing programs such as AutoCAD and doing some engineering and design? I require short-term usage with high computing power, for example 64GB+ of RAM with decent storage to process large survey data. I was wondering whether installing such programs on this type of VM would be possible, and due to the sessions being temporary, would this type of software be required to be re-installed on these VMs every use? Sorry for the specific question, however I cannot seem to find a yes/no answer via Google. Thanks Adam!

  8. when i run RDP file its give me this error: (remote desktop cannot connect to the remote computer) please help, what i missed?

  9. Hello Adam, thank you for very useful video. You know that Azure offers 12 months free services and when you want to create a BS1 VM (which is free), it comes with 128 GB disk as standard and azure charges you because you need to choose a 64 GB disk which there is no in the list, so basically you cannot choose your disk size. After created VM, you can change the size of the Disk but you cannot shrink.. So I see that there is an image called "smalldisk windows server" but this windows does not have GUI experience.. I am really stuck. Could you show us how you can create a completely free VM by using 12 months option? Because it seems, it is not possible and Azure lies about it.. Or maybe I cannot do that.. Thank you.

  10. Hi, could you help me? my Azure VM gets internet but does not download anything know the reason?

  11. Big fan of your videos. Just wondering if you can do a tutorial on Azure Kubernetes Service, if you can please 😁

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